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Unit 3 Business Information SystemsAssignment No.3- Data handling.Q1) Give an example of a data processing application.i. Describe the data processing cycle as it applies to your example.ii. Name the most appropriate processing method for your example and briefly explain why you have chosen this method.An example of a data processing application is a sale made process.The cycle would be as follows:1. The Sales department receive a request for a product or products from a customer.2. Customer details are passed on to accounts to create a new account or verify an existing account.3. Stock control is contacted to verify that the product(s) are in stock, should there be none in stock a document is passed to purchasing to order more.4. All details are then passed of the sale to Accounts who create an invoice to be sent to the customer.5. The order is passed to Despatch who despatch the order to the customer.The most appropriate processing method for this example would be a transaction as the process is delayed shortly to allow the computer to do other things.Q2)i. Explain the difference between the validity and the accuracy of data.* Validity means that the data is logically valid and can be proven so.* Accuracy means that the data is free from errors or mistakes, in essence, correct in detail.ii. For your example data processing application in Q1a) Identify where data errors can be introduced into the processing cycle.* Errors can be produced upon data entry, for example if the customer details are entered incorrectly the order could be sent to the wrong place, or if the parts numbers are entered incorrectly, the customer could receive the wrong order and be charged incorrectly.* Errors can also be produced upon picking the order if picked incorrectly.* If orders are forgotten to be sent to accounts the customer may not be charged.* If orders are forgotten to be sent to despatch, the customer may not receive their order.b) Give two examples of techniques that could be used to minimise the introduction of data errors. When a product code is input the employee should have a drop down menu of codes with description to minimise errors in code input. A product such as quick address could be used where an employee would input the customer's postcode and confirm the address in a pull down menu.Q3) List four different data handling methodsi. For each of your examples, give an example of an application for the method.ii. Briefly explain why the method is appropriate for the application. Real-Time - such as in heart rate monitoring in a hospital where the results need to be processed and displayed instantly. This process is appropriate for this application as any delay could put the life of the person being monitored at risk. Batch Processing - such as in a stock control program that stores the sales for the day and process the orders in one batch over night, this method is appropriate as there are...

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