Business Intelligence And Stakeholders Essay

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Business Intelligence refers to the way in which companies collect and organise raw data, and then transform this raw data into something meaningful. The transformation and analysation of this data is generally achieved throughout the use of software with systems such as SAP or Cognos (Howson, 2010). BI is important as it’s helpful in streamlining and making certain tasks easier within a business setting, overall achieving smoother operations. Whilst this is the general process of BI, it is also important to consider who influences this process and how it is influenced and the way in which this affects the overall BI model within an organisation. Howson states that “everyone ...view middle of the document...

Pant states that “you should work with the key stakeholders … this will ensure that you start building your BI strategy with a proper foundation” (Pant, 2009). What Pant is saying here is that by taking into consideration the opinions, thoughts and ideas of stakeholders, it will allow businesses to develop and maintain a more sustainable BI strategy – it is forming the “foundation” (Pant, 2009) of what is essentially an effective BI strategy. Another point that Pant makes within this article is that stakeholders help “enterprise make better business decisions” (Pant, 2009). Making better and more effective decisions is vital in a business setting. Further reinforcing this point is the “How to create a Business Intelligence Strategy” article (Garrett, 2012), stating that stakeholder management is one such method to help identify key consumers, these key consumers also assist in pinpointing what challenges will be faced when trying to achieve growth (Garrett, 2012). Stakeholders are fundamental to businesses. Businesses extract information from said stakeholders and are able to tailor their products and processes to suit the customer. Similarly in an article published by, the author, Frank Poladi describes stakeholder management as an important step to create a BI roadmap (Poladi, 2013).
Another key point which correlates to the impact of stakeholders and also the determination of BI strategies is sustainability. Sustainability is important in ensuring the long term wellbeing of an organisation and stakeholders play a large role in sustainability. As Oracle states, a stakeholder perspective, such as a social and environmental perspective can help capture overall how a business is performing (Oracle, 2011). This point further exemplifies how important stakeholders are to determining a BI strategy. In this case, the perspective of a stakeholder can help an organisation identify areas of their BI strategy which can be improved, or areas which already work well, and in the long term contributing to the overall sustainability of the organisation.
In an article written by Eduardo Rodrigues, on the SAP Community Network, Rodrigues explores the five most common mistakes businesses make with BI. The first mistake that Rodrigues unearths is about businesses not getting stakeholders...

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