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Business internships are helping students gain real world experience while they are not actually out in the real world yet. Internships are becoming more and more popular with college students in today’s world. An internship is basically when a student in college goes to a company or business and works while they are still enrolled in school and still getting academic credit. The main purpose of the internship is for the student to gain valuable on the job work experience. But there are also other things that a student can get from internships. Internships help the student decide whether or not this line of work is correct for them. Since the student works in an occupation in which they are highly interested in it really helps them get a bigger picture of the outside world.

All business schools should have an internship program. The benefits that the internship program can give to its students are outstanding. Students that participate in internships not only benefit themselves but they can also help out other business students by bringing back valuable knowledge and sharing it with them. (Swift and Kent 1) Students also get a good taste of the high pace business world, internships can help weed out the week business students and strengthen the strong. But usually both the student and the business and the business school benefit from the internship. According to Swift and Kent researchers have reported that students who participate in formal internships find their jobs sooner and receive more job offers than do students who do not participate in internships. This being true perspective students in the business field might start looking into schools to see how their internship programs are and might start basing whether or not they attend that business school on basis if their internship program is strong or not. For that reason alone is a great reason as to why all business schools should build a strong internship program.

An internship is no good if you do not make it work. Thus making the internship work for you is very important. To start out the student must want to direct their full attention to the internship because the internship is pretty much starting out their future. First impressions are usually suppose to be good so a student should not go into an internship thinking that it is going to be easy and that they can just blow through it. Internships should be beneficial for the students and the employer’s. The internship program coordinator should look for a few things when they are picking out the companies in which they are going to send their students to learn and gain experience. First off the firm in which you might be thinking about going into for an intern must have work for you to do. Sitting behind a desk all day staring out the window will not teach you anything. It also helps out when there are positive people surrounding the student intern. “For an internship to work, the...

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