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Business Interview Essay

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Ricardo Mendez is a business owner/manager of Family Care Specialist, a health care clinic. Although he only has only been with Family Care Specialist for seven years, he has held a managerial role for approximately thirty years. He operates five clinics across the Rio Grande Valley and roughly 40 employees report to him.
Questions and Answers to the Questions
Describe your leadership style in some detail.
Mr. Mendez would describe his leadership style as one that adapts to the situation, individual and their personality. He believes that leadership should not be performed in the same manner for each employee, but rather based on their level of knowledge and skills. For ...view middle of the document...

He specifically said “You cannot manage an organization from your office.” He is a firm believer of being involved directly with the customers to find methods of improvement. He believes the key to being a successful manager is delegating tasks to others. Lastly, he advised that new managers should not be domineering towards employees, but rather demonstrate trust and empower them or they will become resistant and unmotivated.
What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess? Why?
Mr. Mendez believes that every leader should possess respect for others. As a leader, respecting employees and those around you will result in more respect towards oneself. Mr. Mendez believes that trust, honesty, and agreeableness are components that occur after gaining someone’s respect. Overall, when a leader respects their employees there is a more approachable, understanding work environment.

Connections to OB
a. Situational Leadership Theory

The situational leadership theory is achieved by changing the leadership style depending on the employee’s readiness, or the extent to which they are willing and able to accomplish a specific task (Robbins and Judge 384). In question one, Mr. Mendez displays a strong sense of situational leadership because he adapts his leadership style based on situation, individual, and their readiness. Additionally, the situational leadership theory has different approaches for unable and unwilling, unable and willing, able and unwilling, and able and willing individuals (384). Based on Mr. Mendez’s answer to question 1, he would most likely discipline the unable and unwilling, provide training for the able and unwilling, encourage the able and unwilling, and praise the able and willing

b. Autonomy and Feedback

The job characteristics model (JCM) describe jobs in five core job dimensions—skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback (Robbins and Judge 243). Mr. Mendez demonstrates autonomy, degree to which a job provides freedom, in his response to question three. He specially believes that employees need autonomy in order to develop leadership skills. Additionally, in question three, Mr. Mendez demonstrates feedback, which is generating direct and clear information about one’s performances (243). He provides feedback by monitoring and evaluating his employees’ behavior and praising their good performance as well as correcting their errors.

c. Trust

Trust is defined as a psychological state that exists when an individual makes themself dependent on another individual because they have positive expectations about how things will end up (Robbins and Judge 395).. In question five, Mr. Mendez specifically stated that he believes respecting others is important because it leads to trust; thus, understanding that trust is a primary attribute associated with leadership (395). Furthermore, Mr. Mendez demonstrates trust in his employees in questions four and three by giving them...

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