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Corporate Invasion And Public Supervision Essay

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History tends to repeat itself does it not? There is always a point in time in memoir where
particular people or a certain group is suspected of their actions by another. Where the supposed
are held accountable to the worry of a minority. The United States has brought forth the PRISM
system, a program that collects data from a number of corporations with plentiful amounts of
consumers’ information. The information is used for interpreting targets with possible terrorist
threats under the surveillance of messages, video chats, e-mails, and additional content provided.
These ways of communication are involved in our everyday lives through cell phones and
computers and can be traced or tapped into at any time. The effort put under the surveillance of
the population’s devices should have been put into furthering the masses in needed ways instead
of pointing fingers at them.
Modern North America seems to be progressing as far as technology, but reverting back to old, post-constitutional ways, maybe even further. The time of the present is very reminiscent of the early 1690s Salem witch era, except a majority of the nation is found guilty unless proven innocent. With about 16 trillion in dollar deficit, war with other countries (not to mention the spending on it), inflation with the decreasing value of the U.S. dollar bill, college students with thousands of debt for tuition, prison overflow, corporation loop holes, and many losing their homes due to towering mortgage, the United States has a reason to be alarmed, but the confiscation of everyone’s information does not justify it. The money spent on war is a
ridiculous amount and the fact that our country’s involvement in Syria puts not only our soldiers
in danger, even the people at home. We are supposedly in Syria and Iran to prevent their
possession of nuclear weapons, but our involvement may soon be an alarm to the other countries
next to them. The funds should have been used to help the people of our nation such as providing
more job availabilities, insisting the more Americans should pay for more “Made in the USA”
products, funding for schools and higher education, and possibly get close to ending our debt to
China and Japan of 20 years in the process so it can fix the broken cycle of our economy. We do
not have earnings for any of these things except war, and speculation. There is always money for
war and speculation.
Corporations have been loop holing for years, at the same time paying to get things more
in their favor. If a huge company can avoid paying taxes and strangle its competition through
monopoly than it can also be a handicap in any economy. The idea is a bit farfetched how the
government would want to surveillance the consumers that support the business practices, but
not the companies themselves. This practice of puppetry can only go unnoticed for so long without finally being recognized as the problem itself. More than likely because revenue is what this...

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