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I am a hardworking, highly sociable, ever determined, and high performer who is highly self-motivated in pursuing their career path. My personal qualities are shaped by every member of my family. For example, my father has proved to be a hard working person and a high performer after having successfully completed his undergraduate and post graduate programs and securing a highly paying job. He receives rewards and presents almost every time his bank holds an annual general meeting or an important event. My mother who is a nurse is equally successful and loves teamwork to ensure success at the hospital where she works. My brother, the only sibling I have, is a diligent practicing auditor ...view middle of the document...

I intend to major in Business Economics. I have always had interest in majoring in a business course since I was 17 years old. However, my specific interest in Business Economics began at 19 when I was at Pui Ching Middle School. While at the school, I came to realize that one can do a lot with the course. Business Economics help a learner acquire the relevant knowledge and skills needed to work as an economic analyst, consultant, budget analyst, banker, or financial analyst in the applicable organizations among other options.
Apart from the job issue, it interests to major in Business Economics, as it has the capacity to expand my postgraduate options. With a major in the course, I can undertake a post graduate study in various fields, including business administration, public administration, transportation, business management, law, and economics among others. As soon as I complete my undergraduate study in business economics, I intend to undertake a Master’s Degree in Business Management, Business Administration, or Economics. Consequently, majoring in the course is going to be a great advantage to me in relation to furthering my education.
Another factor that attracts me to the major is the successful career my father has had in the field of study. My father is a bank executive director, a job he has now held for close to 20 years. I believe that he is extremely successful career and financial wise, having done business economics at undergraduate level and business management at post-graduate level. My father is efficient and seems to do his job at the...

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