Business Management 1 B Assignment

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Table of Contents:

1. Question 1 3
2. Question 2 4
3. Question 3 5
4. Question 4 6
5. Question 5 8
6. Question 6 11
7. References 13

Question 1:

1.1. Management:
Management can be defined as the process of planning, organising, leading and controlling the resources of the organisation to achieve stated organisational goals as productively as possible.

1.2. Top Managers:
Top management represents the small group of managers who control the organisation, and who have final authority and responsibility for executing the management process. Eg. Board of Managers. CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

1.3. Middle Managers:
Middle Management is responsible for specific departments of the organisation, and is primarily concerned with implementing policies, plans and strategies of top management. Middle management is concerned with medium-term and short-term planning, organising functional areas, leading by means of departmental heads, and controlling the management activities of the middle manager?s own marketing, human resource HR Management

1.4. First-Line Managers:
First-line management is responsible for the operational management of smaller sections or sub-departments of the business. The managerial functions of first-line managers are centred on the daily activities of their departments or sections, short-term planning, and implementing the plans of middle management. Their primary concern is to apply policies and procedures, and rules to achieve a high level of productivity, to provide technical assistance, to motivate subordinates, and to accomplish day to day Sales Manager

1.5. Functional Structure:
The functional organisation structure is the most basic structure type. Activities belonging to each management function are grouped together. Therefore, under the Marketing Function are grouped activities such as:- (i) Advertising
(ii) Marketing Research (iii) Sales (iv) Public Relations

Question 2:

2.1 True

2.2 False

2.3 True

2.4 False

2.5 False

2.6 False

2.7 False

2.8 True

2.9 False

2.10 False

Question 3:

3.1 F

3.2 L

3.3 G

3.4 K

3.5 A

3.6 B

3.7 C

3.8 D

3.9 E

3.10 J


Question 4


Advantages of a Functional Organisation Structure

? Promotes skill specialization
? Enhances career development & training within the department
? Promotes high-quality technical problem-solving
? Reduces duplication of resources & increases co-ordination within the functional area
? Centralizes decision making


HR Responsibilities

? Formulate and Implement Policy: Human Resource professionals draft policies and procedures relevant to the...

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