Business Management Assignment Including Hr, Maslows Theory Bcom Marketing Assignment

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Section A
Question 1

1.1 Division of Work:

This refers to the breakdown of tasks that involve more than one activity. Each activity is allocated to an individual for completion, and these individuals then become responsible for the completion of those activities as opposed to the task as a whole. The workload is divided among individuals and the individuals are accountable thereof.

1.2 The Formal Structure

The formal structure refers to the working relationships that exist between managers and subordinates as outlined in the organisation?s organizational chart or organogram. This structure would include the reporting lines that are applicable between managers and employees.

1.3 Unity of Command

The unity of command is an organizational design principle which indicates that each subordinate will report to only one superior.

1.4 Span of Control

The span of control refers to the number of subordinates that will report to one manager. A manager?s span of control is determined by how many subordinates report to him/her. The wider the span of control, the flatter the organisational structure.

1.5 PERT (Programme Evaluation Review Technique)
PERT is an acronym for Programme Evaluation Review Technique. This concept was initially developed by the US Navy in the 1950?s to manage what they called the Polaris submarine missile program. It has since evolved and is now used in the corporate and private business sector as well. Essentially PERT involves planning and control by pointing out problematic areas of a project, looking at progress towards objectives and to aid the business in the decision-making process.

Question 2

2.1 True
2.2 True
2.3 False
2.4 False
2.5 False
2.6 True
2.7 True
2.8 False
2.9 True
2.10 False

Question 3

3.1 I
3.2 L
3.3 A
3.4 J
3.5 B
3.6 C
3.7 K
3.8 D
3.9 H
3.10 E

Section B

Question 4

4.1 Three functional departments that will operate alongside and interact with the Marketing Department

Financial Function:
The financial function is what oversees and is concerned with the flow of funds in and out of the organization. They work in a reciprocal manner with the Marketing Department. The Marketing Department promotes products and services which will result in sales. There will be incoming cashflow from these sales and expenditures generated with the production of the products and services being promoted. The financial function will oversee all the financial transactions involved and will report back to Marketing in terms of the sales figures etc.
Human Resources Function:
The Human Resources function is to resource valuable employees, retain the employees and develop the employees to grow. They will assist the Marketing Department in obtaining high value employees that will suit the organization and the department accordingly. Once employed, the function of human resources is to ensure that the organization provides a good environment for the employee and...

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