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Business Management Questions And Answers Essay

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1. Distinguish between an absolute advantage and a comparative advantage. Cite an example of a country that has an absolute advantage and one with a comparative advantage.Absolute advantage is when a monopoly exists in a country when it is the only source and product of an item. Meanwhile, a comparative advantage is when a country can supply products more efficiently and at a lower cost than it can produce other items. South Africa has an absolute advantage because of its diamonds. The United States has a comparative advantage because of the many products we produce.3. What effect does devaluation have on a nation's currency? Can you think of a country that has devaluated or revaluated its ...view middle of the document...

A certain phrase in America can be defined as something very different and sometimes inappropriate in another culture. Body languages and personal space are also an affect. These differences can cause misunderstandings or uncomfortable feelings toward a specific business. Another cultural barrier may be a certain religion and something that person believes in. A business may be mocking a religion without knowing anything about it.8. At what levels might a firm get involved in international business? What level requires the least commitment of resources? What level requires the most?A firm might get involved in international business at many levels, it depends on the commitment and effort a certain company decides to involve itself in international trade. The least commitment of resources is a small company on the level of less than 100 employees. The level which requires the most is a large company with more than 500 employees.9. Compare and contrast licensing, franchising, contract manufacturing, and outsourcing.Licensing is a trade arrangement in which on company allows another to use its company's name, products, patents, brands, trademarks, raw materials, and many others in exchange for a fee or royalty. Franchising is a form of licensing in which a company agrees to provide their name, logo, methods of operation, advertising,...

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3250 words - 13 pages is not clear accountants may be asked to engage in "earnings management". What is earnings management and why would a business do it?Expenses are decreases in owner's equity that occur from using assets or increasing liabilities to deliver goods or services to customers. Expenses are the cost of doing business, i.e. Rent/salaries/insurance/electricity and gas/ use of supplies/ interest on loansAn expense is something with no real lasting value

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858 words - 3 pages system to other countries and the utilization of management controls to monitor it.*External: It was unreasonable to expect, considering the extensive experience with the US labor markets and the period of time required to customize the incentive system to fit a very specific culture, that it could be instantaneously transferred to a different business environment. It is clear that the rewards offered through the incentive plan did not have the same

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603 words - 3 pages procedure will have only one logical unit of work. Transaction management is used to control changes made to the database, and triggers can be employed in conjunction with this functionality to maintain data integrity by rolling back transactions that clash with business rules. 3. In class we discussed object and system level permissions. Discuss what the 'default' access is for tables, and an accepted encapsulation technique for table access as

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975 words - 4 pages the sake of my business needs. This because the enterprise architect depends on how well the management of the organization is ready to follow the guidelines as outlined. The enterprise architect additionally is cost effective and creates a positive impact towards organizational operation. The use of tool has benefited organizations in many ways. References Donohoe, P. (1999). Software architecture: TC2 first Working IFIP Conference on Software

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634 words - 3 pages a) What is your assessment of the effectiveness of the management team at Chattanooga Ice Cream? List specific examples needed to support your assessment. The drastic changes that were occurring at this division have everyone confused and uncertain of their future. They do not want to be involved in any decisions regarding the company, due to they never had before. This has affected their effectiveness for the whole as a team. EX: When asked

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1015 words - 4 pages Surname 1NameProfessorCourseDateMore Questions from Answers: Belief and ReasonThe concept of God or gods presents a question of loaded terms, because this same word represents a global variety of belief systems regarding the existence of one or more gods- if any. Once a system of belief takes hold within a group of people, the believers usually start by explaining their beliefs, their reasoning, the source of their system, and how their religion

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1162 words - 5 pages . 8. Briefly summarize Watson’s second report to Holmes. Watson has gone to Barrymore’s previous room to investigate. Watson also heard Barrymore’s footsteps at night quite a lot. He found out that Sir Henry got angry because he was not getting answers to his questions so he tried to force them out of Miss. Stapleton. 9. How does Watson feel about his assignment to observe the events at Baskerville Hall? He thinks that some the

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1527 words - 7 pages good fit as weakest attributes. (5) What are the implications for companies and businesses that use country of origin as a way of advertising / promoting their product and brands? (5 marks).Provide justification and theoretical support for ALL your answers. There were three major implications for companies and businesses that use country of origin as a way of advertising their product and brands which are foreignness effect, ethnocentrism effect

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3682 words - 15 pages ambiguity a meaning that makes good commercial sense.[footnoteRef:65] [65: Peppers Hotel Management Pty Ltd v Hotel Capital Partners Ltd [2004] NSWCA 114.] The ANU might argue that creating a tolerant and non-discriminatory environment on campus is conducive to good business. As such, the TBC Lease Contract loses commercial efficacy without the ETR. Erica contest this by saying the ETR could prevent her from ejecting from her premises those

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1387 words - 6 pages “short answer” questions: no more than a paragraph or two for each answer, please. Case Study Questions 1. In the case, Marty Manley recognized that the used book market has changed significantly since Alibris started working on their pricing module and providing pricing services. Marty realizes that in order to help Alibris suppliers successfully weather this market change, he needs to help them understand what is going on and how it might

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955 words - 4 pages • Chapter 4: Review section, pg. 60: Questions 1. How is loss prevention different from loss reduction? Give some example of each. Risk management purpose is to prevent and reduce the frequency and severity of potential losses. Loss prevention programs promote avoidance of losses, measuring the loss frequency. Some examples are safety programs implemented to prevent workplace injuries, fire detectors, burglar alarms, and other protective

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635 words - 3 pages by people.3. Who are the main participants of business? What are the main activities? What other factors have an impact on the conduct of business in the United States?The main participants of business are employees, customers, and owners. The main activities are management, marketing, and finance. The other factors that have an impact on the conduct of business in the United States are economic systems, the free-enterprise system, the concepts of

Business Management Questions And Answers Essay

664 words - 3 pages , books, and software. An example where intellectual property on the Internet may not be protected is if someone doesn't have a copyright when they send something out onto the Internet, it can be copied by someone else and copyrighted under a different name, which can't be proven very easily.Book: Business Management and Organization

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1590 words - 6 pages the use of decentralization? Limit your response to 200 words. Authority is the right to give commands, take action and make decision to achieve organization objectives. Authority can be centralized by the management decision making that all important business decisions has to be, first review with the responsible manager who assigned for this particular task, other word, managers make most decisions, even the relatively small ones

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1902 words - 8 pages defining and/or designing work. The purpose of Human Resource Management is to maximize the capacity of a company by bettering its employees. This is unlikely to change in the future even though the pace of business is always changing . Edward L. Gubman said in the Journal of Business Strategy, "the basic mission of human resources will always be to acquire, develop, and retain talent; align the workforce with the business; and be an excellent