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Business Management Tourism Destination Management Essay

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The purpose of this paper, consist in a business research in order to provide key information to Thomas Cook, the tour operator wants information upon holiday destinations’ management, the study includes market performances and other factors making influences on holiday’s destinations management. The research in this paper will be used as a foundation for future studies on tourism destination management in order to improve management practices. The research analysis’ management practices on holiday’s destinations including topics focused on, customer behavior, how tourist repeats visiting the same destination, customers’ loyalty, and tourism market appeal, external factors such as climate change, terrorism, and natural disasters. The research evaluates positive and negative factors upon socioeconomic impact on holiday’s destinations taking into the account good and bad practices in tourism destinations management. In addition this research is the focus on tourism, which is a dynamic industry changing patterns constantly in order to comply with customer satisfaction, implicating effects on political changes, and environment impact.

Critical Literature Review
Most of the studies on tourism destinations management reveals how managers experience some difficulties in order to cope with tourism market demand. Tourism demand as a dynamic market embraces several factors such as economy climates, natural disasters, political, technology, terrorism etc. Those entire factors match on the market demand along management performance. The complexities of tourism demand include the question, why still appears no consensus in the leisure literature to cover all the customers’ expectations.

Some studies reveal how good practices on management develop key knowledge to be competitive on the market V.,Deranja (2010) Argues ‘the knowledge implementation generates strategic goals and achieves business excellent it’s focused on management knowledge, identifying that the key in production on tourism competition’. In this case the author is focused on key production, illustrating how good management practices are the keys to be competitively on the tourism market. On the other hand the author doesn’t take into the account others factors as previously mentioned like political and natural disaster. Tourism destinations’ Managers have to tackle several issues to evaluate good management practices at tourism destinations’ J., Humphreys, C. (2012) ‘a crisis hit in a sea side resort where a series of shark attacks mauled several swimmers and killed a German woman, the local authorities closed the beaches and attempt to track down the sharks’.

The issue previously cited reveals how a crisis can arise in a holiday destination, but the kind of issue includes effects on psychological impact particularly on repeat behaviour’s consumer including customer loyalty behaviour. These impacts modify patterns on holiday destinations consequently...

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