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Corporate Network Management Essay

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Corporate Networks in organisations can be complex structures that “requires a great deal of attention” (Clemm 2007). Even small companies can have quite complex networks that are a considerable investment to the business. The notion that corporate network management is a cost to a business rather than a continual beneficial investment is a naive assumption that requires further investigation to the benefits that network management brings. Clemm (Clemm 2007) states in his text that the ultimate goal of network management “is to reduce and minimize total cost of ownership”, improving operational efficiency and lowering cost. Clemm (Clemm 2007) also notes that “Network Management is not just related to cost and quality”, which will be an continual concept presented throughout the report. The report will address key issues with corporate network management and ultimately argue and justify that corporate network management must be seen as a positive benefit to the business and not as a continual expense. The supporting articles will also provide sound evidence that networking is crucial to a business’s processes and production which can be seen from the OpenSSL Heartbleed Security vulnerability fiasco (Nieva 2014) or the QANTAS Amadeus system failure (Heasley 2012).
Networks in organisation are dynamic and complex entities which can be quite challenging to configure and manage. (Kim & Feamster 2013). These corporate networks consist of multiple routers, switches, firewalls, middleboxes and a particular advantage of network management is the ability to monitor the entire business network. As all the devices are interconnected with many event occurring simultaneously, problems with once device can eventually lead and spread throughout the network, thus it is crucial to monitor the network to prevent problems (Kim & Feamster 2013)
In today’s rigid and competitive market, being pro-active to customer/supplier demand is a crucial factor in the success and growth of an organisation. The network foundation within an organisation is considered to be of the most critical resources in an organisation in all fields of the public and private sector. For example Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions utilise their network to receive and process data from customers, without network management Fuji Xerox could potentially lose clients and receive fines for not meeting SLAs. Corporate computer networks are created to provide a means of transmitting essential data, from one device to another. The capacity, accuracy, and speed of these business transactions for organisations are vital to their success. Disruptions in the network result in the failure to process business transactions which are costly to the business. The QANTAS Amadeus system failure saw many flights across the globe delayed for a period of time (Heasley 2012). The outage was not only a huge expense but also a blow to the reputation of QANTAS. The widespread use of networks extends the reach of...

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