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Business Of Field Essay

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I am an innovative senior student of the Northeastern University and currently pursuing my graduation in Finance major. I am an international student hailing from China and have been in the United States for the past 5 years. I have finished my first co-op at NextGen Realty for five months, from July 2013 to December 2013, developing my skills as a marketing intern. I will complete my graduation by the end of the spring semester in 2015. Once I complete my graduation, I am planning to go back to my country. I am pretty sure the recent growth in my country’s economy will open the path for me to start my own career in my hometown with the kind of specialization I would achieve in my ...view middle of the document...

The field of finance requires both analytical skills as well as personal judgment to determine the right option for a business organization. Finance helps the organization to meet its goals and objectives. Every organization looks to employee an efficient financial advisor as the decisions made by the financial advisor would affect the whole business. For an individual who studies finance, there are many opportunities waiting in the market.
One can chose a career as a Chief Financial Officer who plays a major role in shaping the future of the organization by managing the financial resources, protecting the assets of an organization, taking important decisions regarding investments within the company and many others. In other words, a CFO plays a role equivalent to a business partner of a Chief Executive Officer. Another individual can settle for an Insurance advisor in a huge organization. Finance has a vast scope in the global market.
Finance has its expansion in almost all the fields of business. A graduate in Finance can expect a very good career graph right from the day of completion of the course. In a global perspective, finance helps to accelerate the growth of a country’s economy. Finance helps to fix global instability of the economy. My country is a developing economy. As I want to return to my home country after my graduation, finance would help me secure a challenging position as a financial advisor in major companies. In case I wish to start my own company, knowledge in finance would help me make wise decisions to gain maximum profits. I can deal my company in a more organized way. I would have potential to make decisions; hence, I can invest my capital more...

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