Corporate Social Responsibility In International Business

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In the past, the only thing most of businessmen interested in is how to maximize profits of companies and cut the cost as much as possible at any price. Very few companies of that time worried about the moral values and ethics in doing business. And when the concept corporate social responsibility (CSR) first appeared in the 1950s, not much corporation appreciated it, businessmen in that decade “talked” more than “action”. However, the emergence of this viewpoint showed the trend of the way doing business of the world has been changing. (Carroll, A. B., 2008).1 CSR is a quite new term compare to long history of the consciousness about behaving ethically on society beyond maximizing profit, and just has only become popular since the 1990s, when the globalization has widen with an astonishing speed (Muirhead, 1999).2 International trading, investment in foreign countries become easier and more popular, large amount of profit are earned, more opportunities to seek as well as more fierce competitions and more challenges in new cultural environment. In that situation, corporations need to find some ways to increase reputation, to specialize their image and brand name, which is highlighting the importance of ethics and corporate social responsibility in business. This essay will describe briefly about corporate social responsibility, how it effects on international business, different opinions about CSR of shareholders and stakeholders, and finally, difficulties international organization face when implement a CSR program in Vietnam.
Description of corporate social responsibility (CSR)
There are different definitions or names are used to analyze the meaning of CSR in different context, for example, corporate responsibility, corporate ethics (McIntosh 2003)3; corporate social investment, corporate community relations (Burke 1999)4; business ethics (Crane and Matten 2007)5; or corporate environmental management (Tavis 1982)6, and so on (as cited in Andrews, 2013)7. However this essay will explain definition in the way of Griffin & Pustay (2013)8, corporate social responsibility is “the set of obligations an organization undertakes to protect and enhance the society in which it functions”. The society includes customers, employees, suppliers, local community, and any one has direct relation to companies is counted as society.
CSR has spreading strongly and widely over the world in lately decades, for instance, in the United States, San Francisco-based Business for Social Responsibility alone has 1,400 corporate members, 60 major global companies as members in Europe and many of business associations dedicated to CSR exist in developing countries such as India, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt... (Rionda, Baird, Kramer, & Wofford, 2002, page 4).9
Corporate social responsibility is a wide range of knowledge and also difficult to divide it in exactly dimension. Carroll's (1979) 10 concluded CSR has four main responsibilities: the economic responsibility to generate...

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