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Business Plan Book Cafe Essay

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1.0 Summary ProfileBusiness Name: GRYFFINDOR BOOK CAFÉType of Business: A Book CaféLegal Structure: PartnershipAddress: No. 17, Ground Floor, Parramatta Road, BroadwayGryffindor Book Café operated under a partnership between 3 people. It is classified to be within the hospitality industry, with its main focus is in serving people. The partners view the Café industry Australia to be lucrative due to the growing demands of coffee.Gryffindor Book Café will be operated within the University zone amongst the University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney, in Broadway. Hence, the café will be in close proximity to its target market. To differentiate our café, we will embark upon a unique physical appearance, which sets it apart from local cafés, provide free reading materials, such as local and foreign newspapers, different types of magazines, books and novels. We will be providing a café for customers in which, they can relax and escape from the daily pressures of work and offers a place to converse with mates over a cup of coffee. Furthermore, aside from the cold and hot drinks available, the business will also provide complementary side dishes, such as cakes. Hence, Gryffindor Book Café will offer a variety of choices to our customers. Gryffindor Book Café will gain its competitive advantage in the market by the quality of its products, warm customer service provided by our staff and the uniqueness of our facilities, which offers an escape from the everyday rustics. Furthermore, the main promotional strategy employed by the business is the word of its satisfied customers and the various discounts the business will offer.2.0 Critical Success Factors for the Survival of the Business· Efficient and concise management - Good management allows operations of the business to be well coordinated.· Detailed planning - A well-planned business would clearly lists its goals and objectives and clearly identify the methods to be implemented.· To constantly monitor and evaluate the business's performance to ensure efficiency and hence maximise profits.· Quality financial management - to ensure a healthy cash flow within the business.· Well-planned marketing strategy - to be able to provide the goods and services demanded by consumers and to be able to reach potential customers.· Sufficient capital - in order to pay its debts and continue operations and increase sales.· A strong competitive advantage to distinguish the business within the market.· Entrepreneurship spirit - continuous dedication from the owners/management is needed to operate the business effectively and profitably.· Entrepreneur's background knowledge and experience greatly contribute to the success of the business as it aids its operations.· Location is a vital element to a small business, which must be of easy access to its customers.3.0...

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