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Business Plan For Arena: Bowling Alley And Electronic Video Games

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1. Introduction

1.2 Background

In a recent Development Plan (2012), Cape Breton identifies priorities for future municipality facility. The report says that the region needs to expand its recreational activities in order to attract local as well as international visitors. For this purpose, an entertainment club, arena, is perceived as a facility that can serve the social, recreational, and educational needs of the residents of Sydney and Glace Bay. Sydney’s tourism is associated with the cultural assets as an urban heart of Cape Breton Island. With the diverse population, the area is culturally rich and home to Scottish, African Canadians, and Acadians who are fond of ...view middle of the document...

The motivation and rationale of the business plan are provided by these factors. With this, the targeted population and their demographic characteristics are also analyzed that reveal who the facility is intended for and how will it be used in the future.

2.1 Demographic

The business plan needs important information that is obtained through demographic analysis. It further determines the level of demands based on the population growth and age distribution characteristics. According to the Federal Census, several population projections have been identified that are outlined below:

• The average growth rate of the town, according to the Federal Census, increased to 4.7% from 2001 to 2012.

• Half of the total population of the town is in the cohorts from age 23 to age 50 as shown in table 1.

• The population in the cohorts aged 55+ years is projected to account for a substantially increased share (from 22% to 32%).

Table 1: Source:

Table 1 is important information that is required for the development of arena. It provides the understanding of prospective future facility utilization by the regional and local residents.

2.2 Comparables

The communities of Sydney and Glace Bay will be compared because of similarities they share in terms of population, needs, desires, and age similarities. The information regarding comparing communities is needed to underscore the variety of amenities or facilities present in the municipalities of similar size. Total 11 communities will be contacted in order to acquire information about social and recreational amenities present for the population. Table 2 provides the ratio of an amenity per thousand populations. The table clearly defines that there is a need of more recreational activities in order to facilitate community of both the regions.

Table 2: Source:

2.3 Community Demand for Arena Club

An open house survey was conducted in January 2014 in which the residents of Sydney and Glace Bay solicited their thoughts and views on the development of arena club. The survey reported the high attendance of the population in completing the questionnaire. This shows that the communities in both the regions are highly interested in this additional facility. The results of the questionnaire are outlined in table 3.

% population
Facility preferences

Clustering facilities
Indoor pools

Field houses

Table 3: Source: Made by Author

2.4 Target Population

The target population for this development of arena is the users that arena club will attract. It is also one of the main sources of revenue and funding for the facility. The population forecast and the demand of the community in the area are the base of this...

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