Business Plan For Starting An E Business.

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Executive Summary.Express Enterprises, Inc is an Internet mail delivery and ordering company. Express Enterprises, Inc. is the answer to the growing demand of customers who need a reliable, trustworthy firm for mail handling, ordering, processing and shipment. The public is depending on this company to deliver quality service and a personal atmosphere when taking care of their mailing needs. EEI has prided itself in being a reputable company that will meet the needs of our customers socially, economically and time efficiently. Express Enterprise, Inc. goal is to provide the Internet community with a socially responsible, pleasant and comfortable mailing experience.Express Enterprises, Inc. is a recently incorporated business doing business with customers worldwide. The owners and three investors of this corporation include: Davon Martin, Nellie Rogers and Lisa M. Tally. Express Enterprises, Inc., is licensed and bonded, with its headquarters located in Baton Rouge, La. The organization received its funding and starts up fees from personal financing and a team of private investors. The amount of $36,000 was obtained through the personal financing of each owner and $45,000 was obtained through private investors and shareholders. This financing will allow Express Enterprises, Inc. to successfully open and maintain operations through year one of business. The initial capital investment will also allow Express Enterprises, Inc to provide its customers with a full-featured mailing corporation. Successful operations in year one will provide Express Enterprises with a customer base that will allow it to continue operations in the upcoming years.ObjectivesExpress Enterprises, Inc. will appeal to individuals of all ages, backgrounds and Internet capabilities. It will be cost efficient and easy to navigate. This site will appeal to individuals who are Internet savvy and those who so not associate with the age of computers and Internet technology.* The creation of a unique, innovative mailing environment, which will differentiate from other Internet mailing organizations.* Educating the community of what is available to via the Internet* Services at a cost effective rate* Affordable access to materials with low shipping cost* One day delivery services year round* Quality customer serviceMissionThe Internet has continued to grow and become a forum for exchange of goods and services. Easy, affordable and quick service is now a haven for customers around the world. Express Enterprises provides an environment of trust, reliability and quality service. Express Enterprises, Inc. also wants to award the customers with quality customer service, with representatives who will walk the customer through the mailing experience from beginning to end, and care about the concerns of each customer.ServicesExpress Enterprise, Inc. will provide access to email, www, FTP, and other Internet applications such as Telnet and Gopher. Services provided to the customers will include...

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