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MKT 4007MARKETING IMCBusiness PlanLecturer:Shambhavi RajagopalBy: Salman SheikhM00122796Table of Contents1 Table of Contents 2 Vision statement 33 Audience 34 Program Content 3-55 Scope and specification 56 Proposed medium 67 Timescale 6-78 Budgeting 8-99 Course Pricing 910 Project Leads 9-1011 Delivery………………………………......................................................................1012 References……………………………….................................................................1013 Appendix………………………………..................................................................11Vision StatementThe traditional marketplace has come along way and transformed into what we know today as the virtual reality. Living in this virtual age, where almost all data and information is processed and available through machines, we have reached a point where we are more lenient towards the internet. With this course we aim to serve a diverse community of learners at a convenient time and place. We want to create a well-supported learning experience, in order to encourage the learners to achieve their personal and professional goals.AudienceThe audience will include students, regardless of their current academic standing, post/undergraduates who want to develop a foundation knowledge of e-marketing strategies to improve their graduate career prospects. Managerial or professional staff can learn how to enhance their knowledge on e-marketing strategies and know how social media can be optimized to be used to target social networks. Entrepreneurs looking to enhance company performance through e-marketing and social media.Program ContentThe E-Marketing master course will cover a range of topics, which will be subcategorized within two major subjects, E-marketing and Social Media. E-marketing will look at the basic online marketing strategies and Social media will be about the use of marketing within social aspects of the internet.E-marketingThis will include five topics that are:Introduction to E-marketing: this will include course overview, an introduction to the e-marketing concept, the difference between traditional and modern marketing methods, creating effective communications and brand building strategies, generating customer interest, desire and action trafficking and brand building.E-marketing Planning: this subject will involve an in-depth explanation of the e-marketing mix, core elements of the e-marketing plan, researching the environment and conducting a competitor analysis, identifying customers, targeting and segmenting, determining a positioning and branding strategy.Website design practices: this subject will focus on various issues regarding building an interactive website, site structure,...

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