Business Plan For New Airline Essay

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Business Plan for New Airline


Mission Statement

HausAir fixed base operation will provide the highest quality of flight instruction and comfortable charter services to the public; without compromising an ounce of safety, at a price lower than the competition.

Human Resources/ Management Functions

Breakdown of initial staff to begin at HausAir.

(1) Manager/Owner Jason Bushouse

(1) Assistant Manager Jeff Doyle

(5) Receptionist/Clerical Jason Henderson (Full Time)
Julie Vanek (Full Time)
Roseanne Francis (Full Time)
Pamela Laurie (Full Time)
Art Wegner (Part Time)

(6) Flight Instructors (Chief) Adam MacDonald (Full Time)
Brent Ivey (Full Time)
Janessa Luncford (Full Time)
James Bushouse (Full Time)
Ron Hallaux (Full Time)
Randy Renolds (Full Time)

(4) Pilot (Chief) Jason Bushouse
Tim Dolenz
Trevor Blackmer
Dwayne Clemmens
(4) Mechanics (Chief) Greg Radd (IA; Full Time)
Lee Coss (A&P; Full Time)
Joan Laukner (A&P; Full Time)
Miguel Sanchez (A&P; Full Time)

(4) Line Attendents Josh Hodny (Full Time)
Mara Kennelly (Full Time)
Brett Carlson (Part Time)
Tommy Snellings (Part Time)

(1) Sales Personnel Mike Campea

FBO Organizational Chart

Flight Office Service Finance Sales

Job Description: Flight Instructor

The HausAir flight instructors will follow some basic guidelines. They will be responsible for:

- Student training for appropriate licenses
- Maintaining proficiency in maneuvers
- Proficiency required flight knowledge
- Proficiency instructional techniques
- Promoting a positive image of general aviation
- Perform duties assigned by chief pilot
- Maintaining safe and professional habits

The position requires a minimum commercial multi-engine land instrument airplane and CFI certificate and those without a CFII will be expected to obtain the certificate within 6 months of start date. Instructors must be able to train a student from wherever their current ability level is to proficiency to the practical test standards for the certificate desired. Instructors will be required to follow HausAir flight training syllabus unless there is prior approval from the chief flight instructor. Instructors will be expected to give biannual flight reviews, checkouts to customers planning to rent aircraft and act as pilot or crewmember as required for charter operations.

Legal Requirements
The FBO will follow all rules applicable to our business in order to create a profitable and safe environment. Start up requirements:

- Obtain business licenses/permits
- Airport Minimum Standards
- FAR 47 - Aircraft Registration
- FAR 135 - Air Taxi Operators/ Commercial Operators
- Manual Requirements
- Manual contents
- FAR 145 - Repair Station Certification
- FAR 157 - Notice of Construction on Airport

Operational Requirements:

- FAR 43 - Maintenance, preventive maintenance,...

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