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The Finish LineMakenna StevensUniversity of PhoenixThe Finish LineShoes can say a lot about ones personality or nothing at all. Whether the consumer prefers stylish, flashy shoes, or a comfortable, functional shoe at The Finish Line, consumers of all genres have numerous shoes to pick from. Offering brands like Oakley, Nike, The North Face, Under Armour and Jordan, the goal is to be a high status athletic retail store. Other brands carried are Adidas, New Balance, Puma, Lacoste, Sperry, Ed Hardy, Fossil, Jansport, and Converse. One can also find their favorite collegiate and professional licensed t-shirts, hats, shorts, and other products.The Finish Line does not want to be a shoe store in which one can walk in and grab any shoe, but a place that offers superior service and knowledge that will benefit the consumer. Knowledge about the shoes and the designs gives employees at The Finish Line an edge above the competition. Employees are also trained on apparel and the technology and function of the garments. Most consumers do not know the purpose and function of the shoes or article of clothing they try on, but when given the knowledge consumers can make informed decisions about the products they purchase and be happier in the long run. To be a premier athletic specialty retailer The Finish Line will continue to offer top brands and service to its consumers.The consumers that shop at The Finish Line want what is new and exciting. At The Finish Line, exclusive shoes are carried along with stylish sport products which offer a unique fit, style and new designs. Driven by the love for sports, the brands of clothing that are offered have a mix of comfort, flexibility and technology for athletes of all levels (The Finish Line, 2010). One can find items to help with running, walking, gym routines, training, hiking and basketball and the average store carries between 600 and 1300 different styles to choose from (The Finish Line, 2010). Since the beginning of the store in 1976 the stores niche was to offer brand name shoes and clothing at a competitive price and over the past 15 years the company has grown with the shoe and apparel industries. The company is known for its shoe wall holding men, women, and kid shoes. The company has changed dramatically in the past 30 years, but the management style and level of commitment to the consumer has not changed. The philosophy of the company comes with hard work, commitment to superior service and dedication by the employees.The long term vision of the company is dedicated to offering premium athletic products at the mall, and will continue to do so by continually refreshing the product line. This also involves training employees to have product knowledge. With a mix of marketing initiatives and product launches The Finish Line will look to the future with a high profits. The Finish Line will continue to expand the lines of products that it holds as the athletic industry...

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