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Business Plan For Sweetlings Essay

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Sweetlings is a unique dessert bakery, located at M.M Alam road. It is designed in order to fulfill a belief that eating a healthy, organic dessert can have a significant impact on a person’s well-being and attitude, especially for those who believe in utilizing only natural ingredients. It can be simply described as a restaurant where customers can sit, relax and forget about their sorrows and worries, having a company of variety of desserts in many flavors with natural and healthy ingredients in comfortable atmosphere.
The owners of the bakery or restaurant are going to start their business with Rs.50 lacs only at its initial stage. This amount is utilized in fulfilling the need of starting a business i.e. registering the business, providing insurance to the restaurant, buying of interiors and equipment for set-up, for e.g., Baking ovens, microwave ovens, refrigerators and freezers, computers, billing machines and other decorations etc., which are the long term assets of the company. Other items on which money is to be spent are electronic appliances like mixers, blenders etc., and utensils like cutlery and crockery etc., while inventory includes flour, sugar etc and other edible items needed for making desired desserts. A major portion of the money is also consumed for marketing and advertising purposes.
The major source of the fund will come from the investing partners of the restaurant. Other sources include short and long term loans from banks.
In the projections for Cakes Tell Stories, the company starts off with yearly sales of about $228.55 thousand in its first year of operation. With the growth in business and expansion into other lines, Cakes Tell Stories manages to earn revenue of about $455 thousand in the fifth year. The company will have a high gross margin of about 85% almost throughout its five years of projections, which seems to leaves enough room for its fixed expenses and other administrative or operating expenses. In the first year, Cakes Tell Stories is projected to have a loss after paying its operating expenses, taxes and interest payments. But, it is projected to turn a net profit of almost 10% in the second year, which increases to almost 20% by the end of fifth year.
The mission of Sweetlings Bakery is to produce cost effective superior quality desserts in an organized, clean and safe environment by keeping everything in time and place. It focuses on providing help to the customers in finding something that they will love at Sweetlings and by always making sure everyone is in the right place doing what is supposed to be done. The bakery intends to make enough profit to generate a fair return for investors and to finance continued growth and development

The bakery has following goals which are categorized as:
1. Philanthropic Goals.
2. Business Goals.
3. Strategic Goals.
1. Philanthropic Goals/Objectives:
 To provide our customers with fresh and...

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