Business Plan, Norming And Storming Factors

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In the work situation, as in the classroom environment, groups are not normally created on the basis of personal choice or democracy. Many factors including task requirements, skills, time constraints, economic and political forces, influence the formation of problem-solving groups. The individuals assigned to work in a group face the challenge of learning to work successfully together as a group. It is important to deliberately cultivate a sense of shared responsibility. Members should feel committed to the group and encouraged to contribute whatever skills or talents they have to share.According to The Tuckman Model of Group/Organization Formation there are five stages that groups go through: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and AdjourningAccording to W.Bruce Tuckman's in the Forming stage, team members are introduced. They state why they were chosen or volunteered for the team and what they hope to accomplish within the team. Members cautiously explore the boundaries of acceptable group behaviour. This is a stage of transition from individual to member status, and of testing the leader's guidance both formally and informally. Forming includes these feelings and behaviours: Excitement among the group members, anticipation, and optimism pride in being chosen for the project a tentative attachment to the group suspicion and anxiety about the project, determining acceptable group behaviour. Group activities are a central feature of human social and work behaviour. Membership in groups, temporary or permanent, large or small, is characteristic of most of life's experiences. A group may be more than a mere collection of people when it possesses such as collective, perception, needs, shared, aims, interdependence, social organization, interaction, cohesiveness and membership.When I compare these points with our group activities, I can say that we had similar feelings like Tuckman's statements. When we meet first time with other group members we had similar behaviours and feelings. Such as excitement, anticipation, optimism, a tentative attachment to the group suspicion and anxiety about the project. Everybody was thinking like what are we going to do? How are we going to get it done? How are the other group members? Will the group members do their own job accurately? Actually we really didn't do something useful for the first two week, because we were not working as a group and we were discussing some abstract discussions on the concepts and issues and some members were quite impatient with these discussions. Roles often serve as source of confusion and conflict, which was also a problem in our case. We needed to decide the posts of the company we were going to set up and for that issue we faced lots of arguments and finally it was settled down on the decision that there will be only one CEO of the company and the rest will be on the board of directors. The reason for choosing the member as the CEO was not because he was woth it, but because we...

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