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ABC Widget's Logistics Supply RestructuringABC Widgets has come a long way since 1970 when people used to come from all around the world to purchase one of our handcrafted widgets from one of our founders, Dave Widget. Dave's widgets proved so popular that he gave up his job as a bookkeeper and began creating widgets full-time in his work shed. Five years later, from those modest beginnings, he opened the first of his factories with 100 people. Even though the factory was state of the art for the time with an automated manufacturing process, the first priority was quality and efficiency. This simple strategy lead ABC Widgets to become the number one widget manufacturer in the country, producing over 1 million widgets every year. Even after Dave Widget's death, ABC Widgets has continued to make quality and efficiency job one. When it comes to the manufacturing of widgets, our company has always embraced the newest technologies and improvements and it is time we carry this attitude into other areas of the operation to make the whole of ABC Widgets more productive and better suited to face the future.Currently ABC Widgets uses a non-automated logistics department. Our current processes have become very paper intensive, requiring huge amounts of space to store and file these records. Using this non-automated system causes human error when filing and maintaining these records. Missing and lack of inventory caused by this system has created problems in the production of the widgets. Our current methods have become time and cost intensive in the terms of manpower, and lost production assets. In addition, the manual paper system hinders the researching of past orders and the most cost effective parts for use in building the widgets. Automating the current system will allow ABC Widgets to create an automated database of all inventory on-hand. This will facilitate the future ordering of parts needed for manufacturing the widgets. This inventory will allow the Logistics department to order the necessary parts for widget manufacturing prior to their depletion. This will prevent delays in the manufacturing process, and prevent downtime of the production lines. This is not the only advantage to automating the inventory control process.Automation of the current system will also allow the Logistics department to research the most cost effective parts suppliers. This in-turn will reduce the cost of manufacturing the widgets. The new automated tracking system will allow personnel to track parts orders from the time they or ordered from suppliers, to the time in which they are delivered to ABC Widgets. This will also help in the delay of the manufacturing process.The new automated system will also be easier to maintain. The new automated system will reduce the number of personnel required to operate the Logistics department. This will reduce the manpower needs of the Logistics department, and will in-turn reduce overhead operating costs acquired by ABC...

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