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Table of Contents Executive Summary Company Direction Objectives Management Team Product Strategy Production And Delivery Mission Statement Marketing Plan Sales Strategy Positioning Pricing Product Strategy Current Products Benefits of shopping with us Executive Summary Company Direction Our Company was developed to assist in the funding for Purple Puddles Pet Sanctuary a Non Profit Agency to help improve the chances of pets who have been abandoned to the streets or shelters.Currently our company is functioning as an online retail store, where all profits (after operating costs) go to a special fund to build up capital for the sanctuary.Company Overview As an internet based company we have the ability to serve the entire continental United States, and we love it! Working hard with individuals in several different communities, we sell items online at below retail cost as well as selling ?Gently Used? items on consignment.The legal form of J & L Gift?s is C-Corporation We chose this form because it was the best way to do business for the founders of this business.J & L Gift?s business headquarters is located at 1105 North 7th Street, Salina, KS, USA, 67401.Objectives Our objective, at this time, is to propel the company into a prominent market position, and to be profitable enough to fund our charity.Management Plan Our management team consists of 3 men and women.Jenny Crowl, President and CEO Lorne Crowl, Vice President, Finance Phillip Bishop, Vice President, Marketing Their backgrounds consist of more than 20 years of experience. Our Vice President of Marketing has over 5 years of marketing experience with various marketing companies. Our CEO has a total of 7 years of business development and management with a company called Cookie Creations located in Coupeville Washington. Our chief financial officer has more than 10 years of accounting, administrative, merger and acquisition and banking experience with other financial institutions.Jenny has worked in product development, acquisitions, company development, business management, and has developed training programs for various companies that are still used today.Product Strategy J & L Gift?s currently offers 4 product lines: Jewelry Watches Avon Products Collectable Trading Card Games As you can see we are still small but our product line is expanding nicely. All of our products are of the finest quality, and will continue to be so.Production and Delivery Our product line is only sold via our website. Products are shipped within three business days of order completion.For shipping purposes we utilize UPS and USPS at the customer?s discretion and all packages are insured.Vision and Mission Statement In order to achieve our Vision, Business Plan Sample commits to the following: J & L Gifts Mission is to provide innovative, practical and top-quality products that save time and money.We believe our first responsibility is to our customers who use our products and services. Our strong...

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