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Week 5 - Business Process Improvement PlanUniversity of PhoenixISCOM472Gaining Employee Buy-InEvery organization should be looking for ways to better themselves. There are many different ways to achieve constant improvement. And with improvement comes the buy-in for changes. Every change made to an organization needs the buy-in of the executive management, the mid-level managers, and the employees. Without a successful buy-in, especially from the employees, then the changes may not be as successful as they were originally planned to be, or they just may not work at all. The purpose of this paper is to review a few ways to gain buy-in from the employees in a positive, successful manner.Proven StrategiesExplain why change is neededResearch shows a distinct correlation between the success of a company and the employees' perception of the company's brands (Thomson, Chernatony, Arganbright & Khan, 1999). This correlation between employee morale and the company's success is also a critical factor in accomplishing other company objectives, including the implementation of process changes and efficiency improvements. Often referred to as buy-in, the employees' support of company objectives cannot be undervalued.The key to successfully achieving employee buy-in lies at an emotional level, but is fueled by the sharing of information with the employees. Citing the ". . . critical link between knowledge and emotion . . ." (Thomson, Chernatony, Arganbright & Khan, 1999, p. 6), buy-in at the desired emotional level will not materialize without being preceded by knowledge and understanding of the strategy. Employees need to understand why the company strategies have been chosen before they will fully support them.Based on this evidence, the very first step to achieving employee support for the proposed to-be hiring process is a knowledge campaign. The team needs to prepare a presentation for each tier of the company explaining why the changes are needed, what the changes are going to be, and how this will affect them.Solicit VolunteersAnother critical aspect of achieving employee buy-in is the solicitation of input on the changes and how the implementation is handled. One study shows the use of a community involvement approach can be very helpful in achieving the desired emotional capital (Turner, 2010). This involves allowing volunteers to participate in the development of the strategy, and then also participate in the deployment of the changes.Employee EmpowermentIn the face of procedural changes within a company, employees will feel stress of the extra burden to learn the new techniques. Without adequate reinforcement, these employees will have a hard time coping with the added stress. Employee empowerment is more than involving employees in process change - it gives employees the authority to make changes themselves, so employees will be involved from the outset, which will alleviate confusion as to how changes will...

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