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Business Process Re Engineering Essay

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The manufacturing industry today is significantly challenged by slow growth and a tough global economy. In order to remain competitive in the global marketplace, manufacturers are adopting radical corporate strategies like flattening the organization, globalizing production, forming strategic alliances with customers, suppliers and competitors, merging with other companies to form new structures, decentralizing business units, and creating global business units. Having to deal with a whole new set of non-traditional competitors can slow progress of even the sleekest of companies. This has necessitated Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) for manufacturers of all sizes (Greenberg, 2004).BackgroundThere a number of definitions of business process re-engineering (BPR). Klein and Manganelli in their book "The Re engineering Handbook" defines it as the "Rapid and radical redesign of strategic, value added business processes-and the systems, policies and organizational structures that support them-to optimize work flows and productivity within an organization (Greenberg, 2004).. Johansson and McHugh in their book "Business Process Re engineering: Breakpoint Strategies for Market Dominance," defines it as "The means by which an organization can achieve radical change in performance, as measured by cost, cycle time, service and quality, by the application of a variety of tools and techniques that focus on the business as a set of related customer-oriented core business processes rather than a set of organizational functions. Robert Jacobs in his book, "Real Time Strategic Change" defines strategic change (similar in concept to BPR) as an "Informed, participative process resulting in new ways of doing business that position an entire organization for success, now and into the future." (Greenberg, 2004).Analysis of Business NeedsThe first step of any process is to define levels of process and the needs to meet these different stages of any business re-engineering plan. The reason we need to define and frame the set of goals or needs the business requires is to resolve the problem and not the symptom of any problem. This can easily be the case if in-depth analysis is not followed by asking the following questions broken up in 6 stages. (Greenberg, 2004).Stage 1Preparation: What is the level of organizational commitment; what are the expectations; what are the project goals? Who should be on the team? What are the required skill sets? How will results be communicated to the organization?Stage 2Identification: What are the major business processes? How do these processes interact with customer and supplier processes?;Stage 3Vision: What are the sub-processes, activities and steps that makeup the major business processes; How do resources, information and work flow through each process; Why do we do the things we do now (getting out of the box or mental prison);Stage 4Solution: Technical Design: What are the required technical resources and technologies...

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