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We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Engine Valves Seats & various types of engine application. Our products are precisely engineered and are known for their durability and resistance against pressure and temperature.

Backed by the industry experience of 17 years, we are the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of Engine Valves Seats & various types of engine application. Our range of products includes Engine Valve Seat Inserts, Ring and Header Work. The high quality valves that we manufacture are known for their resistance against extremely high temperature in the combustion chambers of four stroke engines that use natural gas, L.P. Gas and free fuels. The resistance in these products is because of the high alloy content in the metal.

The quality controllers keep a strict eye on the manufacturing process, that is the reason we are able to supply flawless products all over the country. The raw material used in the process is of the optimum quality. Some of industries that we cater to include Chemical, Petro-chemical, Engineering, Fertilizers, Refineries & Oil Industry, Automotive, and Electrical Industries. Our products are known for their durability, precision engineering, sturdy construction and high efficiency. Furthermore, customization facilities that we have are an additional benefit that we provide to our clients.

Business Specifics:

Area of Operation: Manufacturers and Suppliers
Based At: New Delhi (India)

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About Us

Established in the year 1993, we, Basra Engineering Works, are considered amongst the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Engine Valves Seats & various types of engine application. Apart from these, we also supply Diesel Engine Valves and Complete Cylinder Head Assemblies. Furthermore, we are also engaged in reconditioning of old cylinder head assemblies.

Our products are known for their high strength under pressure, superior designs, better sealing performance, long working life and high output ratio. Because of all these features, we have become the favored choice of our clients. Our products are demanded in several industries such as Chemical, Petro-chemical, Engineering, Fertilizers, Refineries & Oil Industry, Automotive, and Electrical Industries. We have been able to become such big name in the market because of the constant support of our team members.

All that we have achieved today is because of the support and guidance of our founder Late. S. Ranjeet Singh Basra. Currently the organization is run by Mr.Harvinder singh & Mr.Talvinder singh. Their remarkable skills and leadership qualities have made the company reach such heights of success.

Product Portfolio

We are one of the prominent time-honored manufacturers and suppliers of Engine Valves Seats & various types of engine application. Our products are made out of a special composition of steel alloy, so that these products are resistant to high temperature in combustion camber...

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