Business Proposal:Financial Support For Upgrading Of Hospital

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Prepared for Dean RainerFinancial ManagerUnited Bankby Lacel Lee & Eugenia LimFinancial Planning Consultants21 July, 2003"Brain tumours are the most deadly of all childhood cancers" (Boy, 2003). Our main concern for research into pediatric brain tumours is to improve outcome for children by doing intensive study of the different types of brain tumours. Barriers include the relative infrequency of any specific tumour type, the lack of interest in and inadequate focus on these tumours, as well as the funding for research. The core challenge for research into pediatric neurosurgery is to determine and improve researchers understanding of genetic or various factors implicated in the origin and development of brain tumours. However, due to financial constraints, renewal of medical equipment, upgrading of hospital infrastructure, facilities and technology have been delayed. With the advancement of technology, we believe that by upgrading our brain institute research centre and the equipment utilized, we would be able to speed up the development of innovative treatment and therapies and integrate research developments among the different facets of neuroscience. The funds will provide our specialists with the means to delve further into their research, in order to establish better treatment and care of children with brain tumours.While as many as 69 percent of children with brain tumors survive, they often suffer from long-term side effects (NBTF, 2003). Thus, one of our institute's major goals is to work together in fostering team member collaboration to maximise the long-term function of each child and come up with promising results for best interests of the child. Being one of the few pediatric hospitals with our own research and development centre, upgrading our brain institute and research centre would enable us to conduct a more intensive and extensive research on conditions such as brain tumour, neurology and also neurosurgical procedures. At the same time, our institute seeks to combine efforts in creating novel medical breakthroughs with other hospitals and research centre. Talks and seminars will be held to educate the patient's family and the public regarding brain tumour issues. The funds provided will be used in the most effective and efficient way to develop new exploration and treatment options for pediatric brain tumours.We value our employees as they play an important role in organisation success. Having high performance work practice -various types of Human Resource management policies and practices will lead to an increase in individual and organisation performance (Robins et al, 2003: 302). Our staff will be trained to handle the new medical equipment and deal with different situations so as to have the expertise required.To motivate our employees, they will have access to a wide variety of benefits including the following:Comprehensive Orientation and Preceptor ProgramSalary Structure commensurate with education, skill level and...

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