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Business Proposal To Implement New It Infastructure

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Business Proposal to Implement New IT Infastructure

Welcome to the Information Technology Era! Ever since the Stone Age, Man has begun the quest of improving the efficiency of life. Today, this mission continues and the hottest topic in our company, as a matter of fact, is to unite our business with the Information Technology. Information Technology general means the acquisition, processing, storage, and dissemination of massive information by aid of computers or by telecommunication devices while the processed data can be ranged from vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical, etc. As a result, the company can benefits with high speed and more accurate processing of information for administrative and control purposes. Furthermore, Computers are often grouped into local or wide area network for communication among themselves, for example, the Internet and the Intranet this allows data to be transmitted from one place to another during the course of routine business activities. On the other hand, Information technology does not solely means the use of computers because it is made up of many other components. It includes a variety of processes and techniques which may be as common as databases, word processing, spreadsheets, telecommunications, and electronic mail (e-mail).


Established in 1980, Possehl BESI Electronic Hong Kong Limited has been famous in the Electronic industry locally and internationally for its? precision skills and loyalty towards its? customers. Located in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, we are currently employing over 600 staffs; they include Management and Administration officers, engineers, technicians, production operators and security guards, etc.

The parent company of Possehl BESI Electronic Hong Kong Limited is Possehl BESI Electronics N.V. in the Netherlands. It is a joint venture between L. Possehl & Company mbH of Germany (50%), GHL Industries of Asia (25%) and BE Semiconductor Industries of Amsterdam in the Netherlands (25%). This combination has created a company that has been one of the top 10 players in the high-tech electronic semiconductor packaging and equipment sector in the world. In fact, it is the largest non-Japanese supplier in this field since 1992.

In addition to the major shareholder, L. Possehl & Company mbH, it was originally the L. Possehl & Company mbH. Possehl?s iron, plate, coal, trade and haulage company founded by Mr. P on May 1, 1847. Toady, after 153 years, the Possehl Foundation has become the sole proprietor of the L. Possehl & Company mbH. It consists for a wide vista of corporate reasoning and activities with over 50 companies all over the world; they can be distinguished into seven main divisions that include:

· Non-Ferrous & Precious Metals Production Division
· Electronics Division
· Construction Division
· International Trade Division
· Domestic Steel Trading Division

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