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Business Psychology Essay

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Customers are the source of a business. No customers equals no business. There are certain aspects of business that can impact and affect it, but the customers truly are necessary for a business to be healthy and flowing. Customers can be easily influenced by many things, so business need to be mindful of what they do and how they present their products and information. The three main points to know when it comes to customers is the way to engage them, the type of atmosphere they are feeling, and the little things of a business that affect them.
Customers vary in all sorts of different ways, but they all generally have one thing in common. They react positive to behavior that is positive towards them. In other words, if an employee is giving off a happy and loving persona, it is much more likely that the customer will respond the same, if not neutral. The first engagement of a customer is so key, because it is one of the first perceptions they will have coming into the business. First perceptions and first judgements of a business can influence a customers liking toward the business or do the exact opposite effect. Employees need to make sure they engage the customer with a great attitude, because it can have a long term impact of the customers view of the business. One way a customer can be engaged better is if the same gender employee engages the same gender customers. When a male employee helps out a male customer, the employee is able to understand the customer a lot better and is even possibly more helpful just because they are same gendered. The catch to this idea is it can work the opposite way as well. The male gender could be more helpful to a female customer, depending on the situation. This is the problem running into psychology because it is a very generalizing topic. There are, for the most part, exceptions to many ideas brought forth by psychology. When employees have something to give the customers, it is a great crowd pleasure. For example, if a employee has a free sample to give a customer, that starts a connection that lets the employee get on the good side of the customer.
Getting on the good side of your customers is so beneficial to businesses. Using the example in the previous paragraph, just a simple giving of a sample, can set the state of mind to comfortability and satisfaction. This is the kind of mindset a business owner would want their customers to have. When a customer is comfortable and happy with the store, the likelihood of them buying something would increase. Even something as simple as setting of a furniture set could make the sale. If a customer experiences the couch, generally they will want to buy based on the...

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