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Business Report


Every country has it’s own social customs and gestures. Ireland has its share of social customs that differ from the United States, but for the most part the countries are relatively similar. Friendliness and hospitality have always been the hallmark of the Irish people. People in Ireland react to strangers very politely, as you would expect in most parts of the United States. The attitude toward foreigners in Ireland is reasonably friendly, and welcoming, as opposed to being hostile. In Ireland people greet each other much like they do in the United States. In a social setting, a handshake is appropriate when greeting another man, when greeting a woman a hug is appropriate.

The manners in Ireland follow the United States almost exclusively. Entering or leaving a room in Ireland is much like entering or leaving a room in the United States. When entering and greeting a person, it is considered good manners to shake a man’s hand, or offer a woman a hug, but beyond that, when exiting a room, there is no bowing or nodding. Do not go overboard, the Irish aren’t physically effusive. “If an Irish person refers to you by your last name, do the same, generally in a social situation they switch quickly to using your first name.”1 Other than this using a name for an introduction follows the usual Mr., or Mrs., when referring to an adult. In a non-formal setting, such as a social atmosphere, referring to someone by his or her first name is completely acceptable.1

In the part of Ireland researched, social customs do not dictate where or when people are expected to sit in a social or business setting; however it would be advised when in a business situation not to be seated until asked. There are no hand gestures, facial expressions, or phrases noted that would be considered rude in Ireland that would not be considered rude in the United States. This also works in the reverse direction, where, such hand gestures, facial expressions, and phrases that would be considered rude in the United States will also be taken as rude in Ireland.

When speaking to a person from Ireland, you would stand just as you would when speaking to an American in the United States. A relaxed manner, and a reasonable distance are the norm.

While in a restaurant in Ireland you would signal a waiter in the same manner that you would in the United States. The customary tip in Ireland is 10 to 15 percent. Many hotels and restaurants add this in the form of a service charge indicated on the menu or bill.2 It is not customary to tip in pubs unless you have table service, in which case a small tip is advised. Tipping taxi drivers, porters, hairdressers, etc., is customary, but not obligatory.2

To refuse an invitation is viewed much like it would be in the United States. If it were necessary to decline an invitation, it would not be viewed offensively. When refusing an invitation, you would use a polite manner, as would be expected in any...

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