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Business Report For Individual Research The University Of Chicago Research Paper

4801 words - 20 pages

Table of Contents
2Executive summary
3Product/service benefit statement
4Market environment
PEST analysis
SWOT analysis of the company
6Marketing plan
Venture?s mission
Market segmentation
Marketing mix
10Operational plan
Description of the operation
Manufacturing operations
Labor skill and role of people in the operation
12Financial plan
Estimated and expected finance statement
Cash flow projection
Break-even analysis
Balance sheets
Executive summary
A new venture in frozen yogurt has been decided to be the target in Vietnam market ? Clarissa. Although the market is experiencing the hard time by the recession, Vietnam is still a promising land for the food and beverage and dairy industry (Prescott, 2012). With the consideration of Vietnamese people towards the healthy products, frozen yogurt is a potential item since it allows the user control their calories while enjoying sweet products (P.Anh, 2013). Clarissa is committed to provide customers with high quality range of products, excellent purchasing experience and amazing time enjoying yogurts with families and friends. The first shop will be located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ? which is considered as the industrial and economic central of Vietnam, one of two biggest cities, along with Hanoi (Kha, 2013). The location chosen is the central of the city possessing high access to roads, universities, communities and different kinds of customers including local residents and tourists.
Product/service benefit statement
Clarissa?s products and service are committed to provide the community with highest quality and freshness. Firstly, the choice of frozen yogurt is important and necessary for people health. Secondly, choosing Clarissa?s products is a way to raise awareness of protecting the local environment, taking use of the uniqueness and charming of the local fruits as well as providing chances for local fruits and materials to become more popular. Customers buy the products since they gain highest satisfaction gaining great values over products, which provide them with enough protein and calcium protecting human being health as well as perform their requirements on fresh, impressive and quality yogurt products through unique package and environmentally designed products. Understandably, the company not only sell regular frozen yogurts but also Vietnamese yogurts with the local fruits that are typical for the country as well as Vietnamese culture.
In addition, the products seem to be suitable and adaptive for the demand of people on the diet. The core values of the products are the extra protein, low fat and carbohydrates. Thus, this is a good choice for both normal people and people on their diet. Especially incorporating frozen yogurts in the daily diet will be the best way for people to gain a good bio-quality protein and calcium through a sweet treat which is not hard for maintain. In addition, the available...

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