Business Report: The Planning For The Fifa 2014 Tournament

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The planning for the FIFA 2014 tournament was done by company owner David Miller. He is essentially a one man show when it comes to taking care of all related tasks which are a part of executing his companies various video game tournaments and events. The goals that David set for having a successful FIFA tournament began with the actual event running smoothly and timely. This management of function and time are essential in providing a positive experience for gamers to feel satisfied with the overall quality of the tournament. The next goal is to create brand awareness by promoting other various video game tournaments and events that WeGotGame run. During the tournament, business ...view middle of the document...

Overall, the tournament would be successful in achieving David’s short-term goal of getting people out there to play and participate which would then attract the sponsorship of companies thus reaching his intermediary goals, companies already sponsoring WeGotGame include, Microsoft, and BenQ Canada – with more sponsorship and more people coming out to play in these tournaments, David will then achieve his long-term goal of making accumulated profit which will be talked about in the control part of this analysis. In our interview, David tells us he really didn’t need planning tools like charts to structure and organize the preparations for his tournament since the tournament itself did not require in-depth planning. Although I feel that David should have a set out written operational plan or maybe perhaps have a Gantt chart, which might be redundant to him, would benefit him by giving him a better awareness of the short-term goals that needed to be achieved within the preparation of the tournament and provide him with an enhanced improvement on the focus, flexibility, coordination, time management, action orientation and control aspect that is needed to successfully plan an event like this.
David Miller, the founder of We Got Game, started this company by himself. He has temporary staff that helped him organize his latest event, the FIFA tournament. In this event, Ephraim Cirillo and Michael Greco, who helped facilitate the tournament, were some of his team member present at the day. They were chosen to be part of Miller’s team in this event to help Miller co-operate with the participants in this tournament, as they were much younger than him and they understood the game. Cirillo was in-charge of the technical support and Greco was the facilitator. The structure of their organization is decentralized. All of his staff members have some independence in doing their jobs. Decision-making is also decentralized. His members contributed some solutions to the decision making such as; which game must they play and what kind of consoles should be used. Though he has staff, Miller has control of everything outside the actual event. He is...

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