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Business Requirement AnalysisSeshavardhan Rao MaramrajCIS/570Week 317th November 2008IntroductionGeneral Electric (GE) is a diversified services, technology and manufacturing company with a commitment to achieving worldwide leadership in each of its businesses. GE operates in more than 100 countries and employs over 313,000 people worldwide. Jack Welch has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GE since 1981. Jeff Immelt was named President and Chairman-Elect of GE in November 2000. In 1999, Jack Welch announced to the GE business leadership that they were going to become a global e-business, saying that the "Internet makes old, young. Makes big, small. Makes slow, fast. It is truly the elixir that big companies need. It just doesn't get much better than this." (Jack Welch, June 1999) excitement by the possibilities inherent in the Internet and saw it as critical for GE to become a pacesetter in the technology. The GE corporate culture prizes informality and change, and it promotes a 'just do it' mental model amongst its staff. It uses HRM practices including organizational learning and development to drive these principles home into daily practice. The GE values are taken very seriously inside the organization. Especially the "4-E's" of GE leadership: "the personal Energy to welcome and deal with the speed of change; the ability to create an atmosphere that Energizes others...the Edge to make difficult decisions, and the ability to consistently Execute." It is not acceptable to dislike new ways of doing things within GE, one is expected to embrace the new and turn it good effect in your local business area. There are even personnel who have 'be a proactive change agent' and 'act as a paradigm shifter' in their job descriptions.To successfully implement its e-business strategy, GE had to deal with some cultural issues. It had to ensure smooth operations and build good relationships with customers. GE had traditionally maintained a large sales force. With the introduction of the new e-business strategy, the sales force felt threatened. The salespeople felt that by teaching customers how to use GE's websites to directly place orders, they might end up losing their jobs. To overcome this problem, GE offered a bonus to salespeople who helped customers use GE's website to place orders. The members of the sales force were also educated about how the Internet would benefit them as well as customers.Home appliances sales are very competitive and a Web presence is essential. But one central Web site would not be a solution. GE dealing with individual stores that want to uniquely position themselves. GE wanted to give these stores the ability to sell over the Web to consumers in their specific area. Each store should be able to set their own pricing, have their own sales campaigns and their own delivery conditions.GE could re-use the technology from the Employee Web site that it was developed earlier, but needed to extend that with customization...

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