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Business RequirementThis paper will detail Business requirement definitions in the form of business topics, such as Inventory tracking, Accounting, Marketing Communication/Research, Sales and salesperson production, Manufacturing production and service tracking. As they pertain to Malone Savings and Loan business requirements.As the business requirements needed to identify our new customer identification systems program (Program Assist) several business topics must be reviewed. Topics such as will an inventory tracing system be a requirement for our solution? Since Malone Savings is a financial institute and our main resource are the people and their finances, inventory items, such as those used by manufacturers or retail companies is not as relevant to our needs for diagnosing our clientele.One of the most vital business topics that must be assured for our continued research is an accounting system. As we explore a computer system, such as Customer Assist, some of the mandated components that will be required is the ability for the system to read our customers current database financial information along with the customers financial history records, process this data and determine if the customer meets the predetermined requirements set to qualify as a "Star" customer. The information process will match these qualifications of either the high-risk customer (insufficient funds, slow pay, no history, etc.) to those whose information have qualified them as potential "Star" customers (Stable pay history, no insufficient funds, etc.) see insert ACustomer Assist is programs designed to assist customers as well as facilitate Malone's Banking evolve current customers. Marketing communication is a tool that Customer Assist has the capabilities to aid representatives with the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods, services, and ideas to create exchanges that satisfy the customer and Malone's savings and Loans. The program provides tellers and customer services representatives with the customer's profile, the teller can then market to the customer what products and service the bank is currently offering. For example, when a customer enters into the bank to cash their payroll check, when the teller inputs the customer's account number, Customer Assists flashes a memo to the employee to inform him or her that the customer does not have direct deposit. The teller can then use this tool to market and communicate to the customer the...

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