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1.Create a problem/opportunity statement:Problem statement: Many business deals with competitive atmosphere no matter where it's located both locally and internationally. Businesses deal with challenges from extremely active companies, especially the unpredictability that brought about the demands, unions and purchases from increasingly discriminating customers. National organizations look for other effective options to distribute rules and raise the balances of good organization. In this fast moving atmosphere, many businesses realized that their existing development and resource preparation of their organizations just aren't enough to provide accommodation to change their plans and scheduled profits. Managers resist and put in enormous effort in order to have the companies get ahead. In the decision-making progressions, the business environment is forced to establish a plan and requires a progress or force development. Managers have to receive decisions with extensive costs, changes must be handled and pressures must be kept away, then again managers don't make unacceptable decisions. In the e-text Business Research Methods it says "Good business research is based on sound reasoning" (Business Research Methods, 2007).Opportunity statement: A relationship exists and continues between the monthly inventory dollars and the monthly sales dollars. By evaluating the sales dollars and the inventory dollars, the relationship between the inventory and the sale helps to decide the decreased level of listed dollars at the same time as keeping the existing sales levels and yet keeping the clients fulfillment of having the right inventory levels readily available. By knowing this knowledge, it helps predict the future inventory decreases or increases basis on existing and future sales statistics. Business research may be observed as the decision-making or managerial right of mind through which managers are able to look at the outside world, then use the information received from their businesses to be fair those developments over which they do have control of.2.Develop constructs of the problem/opportunity:Problem Statement: Whole foods market hasn't met the growth procedures recognized by the investors for the last 3 years. Therefore, the advertising plan and commotion set was modified as was the supply chain proposals. The plan to boost the development within the business now became the advertising policy and tactics.Opportunity Statement: The next step to take advantage of will be to implement transporting the products and services to time consist of the following:1. Making a products and services that customers need2. Valuing the products and services that the customers will purchase3. Positioning the products and services in a place where it's suitable and visible4. Encouraging and Sponsoring the products and services to elevate the responsiveness that the products and services are available.These easy steps may get the customers to come in to the...

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500 words - 2 pages research; research in policy and managerial perception has yielded particularly compelling findings. Provided the significance influence of content analysis to the business research, the pioneering scholar Krippendorf (1980) identified three distinguishing characteristics of content analysis. First, content analysis is essentially practical in orientation, exploratory, concerned with actual phenomena, and predictive in design. Secondly, content

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2392 words - 10 pages - Association of outsourced logistics services (2003).Quantitative research survey was conducted by the method of non-probability convenience sample included 130 enterprises. Therefore, the object is examined any business operating in the city. Ho Chi Minh was not hired or domestic transportation services. After collecting data, author analyzed data by using SPSS 17 software.The results showed that factors increase service quality, reduce costs and

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