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Business Research Design Assessment Essay

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The Board of Directors of Unitrin has just reviewed the study done by the research team. This study entitled "Business Decision" is annexed as Appendix 1. The Board did its own evaluation of the study, and subsequently met with the CEO and passed the study on to him for his own evaluation. The expectation was that after his evaluation he would develop a plan of action and/or strategic plan to implement the changes recommended by the study.In order to adequately evaluate the study, the CEO decided to apply the generally accepted standards of testing a study to determine its effectiveness. These considerations were kept in mind in this evaluation. The considerations were:(a) The appropriateness of the research design;(b) The adequacy of the sample design; and(c) The validity and reliability of the survey instrument.It is important to note that, "the primary purpose of research design is to guideresearchers in their quest to solve the problems under study" (Davis, 2003). The problem previously identified was articulated in the questions:(1) Whether the structure and composition of this Board of Directors of a non-profit organization affect its ability to gain and maintain funding; and(2) Whether there is a connection between Board structure and organizational goals.Based on the content of these questions which defined the problem and the findings presented to the Board for evaluation, there are a number of key questions which could be asked by the CEO as part of his evaluation of the research.Firstly, one must ask the question regarding the design process. The specific questions are best articulated by Davis et al (2003),. . . what concepts will be studied, how these concepts will be measured, what approach will be used to study the problem, who will be studied, how the data will be collected and analyzed, . . . how the information that was collected will be presented to solve the problem (p. 198).As suggested in the preceding paragraph the CEO must be concerned with the sample selection. Does the sample adequately represent those who can speak to the problem? Was there an adequate number of respondents per category, and did the research anticipate a need for more than one sample (Author Unknown, 2003). It was helpful to note that the designers chose not to use 'straw polls' or mail surveys to solicit responses. They agreed that 'straw polling' is "a nonscientific poll taken in such a haphazard fashion that any results are not based upon the sample being truly representatives of the population" (Elections 2000 terms). The CEO would agree that the sample group selected, ten non-profit boards, is representative of the population. This group represented a similar functional and geographical sampling to Unitrin's Board. It was also helpful to note that this survey was conducted personally with the selected Boards.On the point of the sample design, the CEO carefully examined the survey tool. The tool considered a number of variables. Of importance was:-...

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