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Business Research Method, Part IIIApplied Business Research and StatisticsQNT/561August 2, 2010Business Research Method, Part III"Makes My Mouth Water" (MMMW) candy factory in Kansas manufactures caramel candies that it ships to 1,400 "Mega-Store" outlets nationwide to be sold. MMMW is having difficulties distributing products to the stores on time. The CEO and founder, Polly Purebred, feels this is because of outdated ovens that frequently break down and are difficult to repair. Mrs. Purebred has hired Quantitative Research Solutions (QRS) to assemble a comprehensive research proposal to help investigate the rough period in the production line that Mrs. Purebred says MMMW is currently experiencing.Part IDilemmaIn business for more than 35 years, MMMW is beginning to see the impact of inefficient machinery on their production lines. With a business that needs to reach well over 1,400 outlets that sell the company's candy, it is easy to see the importance of having a candy factory that consistently produces the amount of candy needed to reach the consumer.The management dilemma that MMMW has is simple: The company is falling behind in producing enough candy to ship to the "Mega-Store" outlets nationwide.The management question is: What should MMMW do to increase their supply as a means of consistently matching the current demand? After talking to Mrs. Purebred, QRS determined that with a staff total of 350 employees, MMMW's manual labor alone will not help the organization produce what is needed to keep up with the demand, thus placing the company in a unique position in considering replacing their outdated equipment, also difficult to repair.After doing some exploratory research, QRS determined that although all candies MMMW produces are popular, those requiring ovens in their preparation are less popular than some of the simpler candies. The initial research question that we will then consider is: Should oven-made candies be removed from production?Research DesignQRS has chosen a simple research design that involves a secondary data study as well as a survey.The secondary data study will be conducted by retrieving pertinent data from past studies done for MMMW, and the "Mega-Stores" that sell MMMW candy as well as doing a literature review of articles written about the candy industry. The self-administered surveys will be mailed to MMMW customers. The literature review will provide QRS with background information and exploratory data regarding the candy industry. The self-administered surveys will be mailed to customers as this is a good method given the budgetary restraints, the large population to be surveyed, the large geographical area to be covered, and the ease of completion of the survey.Our research design for MMMW involves a causal study that explains relationships among independent and dependent variables (Cooper...

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