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Business Research Problem/Opportunity Analysis

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The makeover of Mineral Makeup, Inc started by CEO Andrea Doorman greatly transformed the company in all aspects, the stakeholders, whether they are the customers, employees or shareholders have definitely benefited from the change. In my research, I found the internet was more popular using in sales strategy. Truly, it's not only the fast way for customers but also changing their management policy to match new environment. Mineral Makeup must develop and respond to new technology, new type of business and new people in the form of employee and customer. In today's organizations it’s necessary to adapt constantly to new situations in order to survive and be successful. The business model of Mineral Makeup was found in 1986 and established from door-door selling; therefore, now with the new technologies to make it more fast and convenient, Mineral Makeup plan is to examine more closely the store-within-a-store concept. This idea to put a mall stands and Mineral Makeup Center within a Whole Foods store to promote its becoming line of cosmetics.Setting up stores will be very costly for Mineral Makeup and there will be no difference compared to other competitors that sold their products through that strategy. The company’s strategy is to attract more market shares and open store-within-a-store and by telephone strategy tools. Mineral Makeup still needs ladies to maintenance customers, due to the high profits brought in previous years. "The company's 4 million independent sales reps in 127 countries, including 550,000 Mineral Makeup ladies in the states alone would be jobless." (Mineral Makeup, 2007) What’s more important is that 4 million ladies themselves are the customers of Mineral Makeup’s product. The goal of each organization is to make profit as much as possible. In addition, the ladies receive benefits from the company; earn 50% commission, which is important for each employee. By using internet, "the cost of processing that order is 90 cents, in comparison to 30% over web." (, 2007)How does the Mineral Makeup site compare to Sephora website. Personally, the effectiveness of Mineral Makeup website is quite successful. It's not only fit multifold market but also make a new economy. However, this isn’t to say that the ladies of Mineral Makeup will be replaced, they play important role in the marketing field. Nowadays, more and more women work outside of home. The Mineral Makeup's website gives the customers useful information and convenient service to follow and order products in step by step. Moreover customers can sign up to receive the newest and the latest information about Mineral Makeup's products. It's easy to order from anywhere and everywhere, just need a computer or a telephone. The e-reps are new sales mode, along with internet boomed, e-reps will more efficiency and effectiveness. They can control easily and low cost in sales industry. Every new improvement has its ups and downs; even online...

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