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Business Research Reactions Of Employees To Performance Appraisal

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Attitudes of employees towards performance appraisal system of a Transport and Contracting Company.

1.0 Introduction
After the selection process the next formal assessment of the individual employee is the performance appraisal. Most organizations recognize that there is a need to monitor the effectiveness of their employees and to promote avenues for their improvement. Enormous amounts of time, energy and money have gone into the development of performance appraisal systems, but their successful implementation rests with the supervisors and managers who carry out the appraisal.

Ultimately all human resource matters are matters of subjective judgment and the available research evidence suggests that assessors give more accurate ratings when they are not shown to employees and the final outcome does not involve promotion decisions.

Assessors are often fearful of the negative impact of their appraisal on the individual?s pay, promotion and on the job security, as well as its potential to damage or even destroy a previously excellent working relationship. In the past most of the attention has focused on the development of appropriate measuring device and rating scales. However recent trends indicate a shift in emphasis from the procedures to the process and the dynamics of the supervisor-subordinate relationship. Employee development must be an ongoing process if organization is to retain its capacity to respond to the challenges of the future. It is an investment which pays off in the survival and growth of the organization. Employee development can only be effective if it is based on needs identified during the performance appraisal.

The potentially relevant research for performance appraisal is very broad, including topics such as performance related pay, assessment of accuracy of analysis, job analysis and competencies, organizational communication strategies, and much more besides. This research will concentrate on reviewing employee attitudes in performance appraisal.

2.0 Research Question OR Research Hypothesis
Do the employees need such appraisal system to measure their performance? Is it important tool for measuring and improving the productivity of the employees and that of the organization? Does it provide a true picture of the employee work and performance? Will the appraisal capture all the factors that affect performance? Do the employees feel that issues raised during the appraisal be addressed by the company? Is there objectivity and sensitivity in the way the questions are raised and worded?

3.0 Research Objectives
1- To identify the attitudes of employees and the management about the administration of performance appraisal of workers.
2- To determine the positive and negative impacts of the workers performance appraisal
towards their work performance.

3- To identify the necessity of having a performance appraisal system.
4- To determine areas, which should be assessed in...

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