Company Restructure Summary Essay

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Executive summary
The purpose of this report is to reorganize the company for growth, higher revenues, profitability and for greater competitiveness as well as give recommendation. This report has considered the organizational features to be re-modified and challenges to encounter
This report summarizes the process that will follow and the proposed restructures. The proposed restructure reflects the need for new ‘‘organic’’ organizational forms. Not only does a company’s organizational structure help determine how well its workers make decisions, but it also reflects how well they respond to environment conditions. The organizational structure can influence workers attitudes toward their job. A suitable organizational structure can minimize costs, as well as maximize its efficiency, which increases its ability to compete in a global economy. For these reasons, many organizations have reconsidered with their organizational structures in recent years in order to improve their profits, sustainability and competitive edge.
• Project Aims
The purpose of this report is to reflect the practices of the company and proffer suitable organizational components that can help the company manage the challenges and more competitive. Also, make a recommendation in order to bridge the gap between the practices and the market environment. It has been described in the literature the need for companies to undergo changes on a continual basis. Thus the importance of organizational change in today's turbulent business environment has increased.
• Objectives
The objective of the study is to determine strategic imperatives response to unprecedented challenges. Also, to determine the existing organizational components that can be applied to manage both the challenges and management of the workforce.
• Limitation
The report is wholly focused on organizational design restructures
• Research Methodology
The research will be descriptive in nature as the research intends to present facts related to the scenery and status of a situation. The information used in this report was collected from Secondary data obtained from related literatures.
• Assumptions
The organizational restructuring effects, directly or indirectly, will encourage the financial performance of the organization. Nonetheless, this ultimate effect might be evident within a few years or might take a longer time period least impact on performance. An increase in working efficiencies, greater workforce satisfaction, reduced turnovers and improved communications can be the effects of an organizational restructuring.

• Findings
The Company has been overwhelmed by management setback, mixture of bureaucracy, corruption, poor business decisions and ineffective strategies. MITEL is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Nigeria. Since the deregulation of telecommunication industry, MITEL has witnessed a decline organizational growth and performance which has leaded to...

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