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Essay Question 2: In reviewing the last five years, describe a situation in which you felt particularly effective as a member of team. (Limit 500 words)

Picture an environment in which a 14 to 16 work day was the norm rather than the exception and where working through the night was as common as weekly status meetings. These were the realities of a Deloitte Consulting engagement I had worked on at Deutsche Bank. My first roll was to be part of the testing team. Since the system was to “go live” in 3 months the pressure was on to ensure that all the bugs in the system would be found and fixed. This put considerable stress on the team. The team didn’t have enough time to give me an overview of the project. They basically gave me the project blueprints to review. This wouldn’t be the course of action in a normal situation due to the complexity of the system. I didn’t let this discourage me, and took a proactive approach to learning the system. I put in extra effort to learn the system, even on my own personal time. Within 2 weeks I was up to speed and able to assist my team in testing.
The testing team would work long hours due to the tight deadlines, and it was common for management to ask us to stay longer with little notice. I did not, however, let this affect my attitude towards the team. I understood that since this kind of system had never been built before, project time estimations would be inevitably off....

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1680 words - 7 pages research of this report will derive from an in-depth and recorded interview with Ms Thitikarn Suwansukhum, a trade marketing promotion executive of school channel in Nestlé (Thailand) company, ice-cream business unit. I will combine the interview with an analysis based on a theoretical method from CRM textbooks, as well as many academic journal articles related to Business-to-Business CRM and online website articles. 2c. Literature Review i. The

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4465 words - 18 pages This MBA level essay talks about the future of Dell and how it can sustain the success and growth it have been enjoying for the past few years, taking in consideration the current economical difficulties that the US economy is facing. The "Dell - The New Horizon" case from Harvard Business School inspired and provided important data for this analysis. Titled "strategic marketing Management of Dell" the essay answers questions such as:1)Based on

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1830 words - 7 pages Preparation questions for Transportation National Group1. What challenges does TNG face in managing its leases on trailers?2. What is your assessment of TNG's current lease performance measures and controls, especially its use of ROI measures?3. How might TNG implement revenue management? What ideas or approaches seem most viable in a business like this?4. Based on the data for the Yakima branch, what is the potential revenue opportunity at this

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1666 words - 7 pages A.Describe the different roles in a business buying center. Then outline which individuals might play those roles in the process of buying food for a school cafeteria.Buying centers have numerous of roles of participation in the purchasing decision process. There are users who are the people who actually use the goods and services. Their role in the consumer decision making are very important. The user may help to facilitate the purchase actions

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4209 words - 17 pages CASO MERCK MEDCOI. POSIBLES PROBLEMAS Conflicto entre los intereses de Medco y los clientes de Merck. Imagen corporativa dañada por la integración. Reducida participación de productos de Health Management en los ingresos de la empresa. Falta de una estrategia que clarificara la independencia de ambas empresas.II. LISTA DE HECHOS RELEVANTES POR CRITERIOS Entre 1993 y 1994 tres

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550 words - 2 pages Summary: Keeping the "pace" of innovation is a primary objective to 3M managers and the success of Computer Privacy Screen project, by itself, is irrelevant in the scope of maintaining such entrepreneurial flow. Assuming this project fits into the desired "pace" of innovation, Guehler should approve it; Wong should support it unconditionally.Intrapreneurship at 3M: With a requirement that divisions derive 30% of sales from products introduced

Questions and Answers to Lincoln Electric case study by Harvard Business School.

858 words - 3 pages system to other countries and the utilization of management controls to monitor it.*External: It was unreasonable to expect, considering the extensive experience with the US labor markets and the period of time required to customize the incentive system to fit a very specific culture, that it could be instantaneously transferred to a different business environment. It is clear that the rewards offered through the incentive plan did not have the same

BARCO PROJECTION SYSTEMS (A). Worldwide Niche Marketing Harvard Business School Rev. April 25, 1996

1317 words - 5 pages 1. What product development strategy would you recommend? Which product(s) should the company pursue? Which should phase out? BPS is threatened by Sony introduction of the 1270 projector that has a better performance and much lower price than BPS projectors. BPS could lose as much as 75% of its 1990 forecasted profits, from 30% to 60% market share loss in the graphics segments, and erosion in sales in the data segment. BPS lacks a consistent

Harvard Business School Case Study #9-601-142 Moore Medical Corporation

861 words - 3 pages What problems and challenges are faced by Moore at the time of the case?Moore Medical Corporation is strategically focusing on practitioner business by offering a relatively broad product range (thereby providing ?one-stop shopping?.Moore Medical is a medium-sized distributor of medical supplies to practitioners such as podiatrists and emergency medical technicians. Up to the time of the case, it has relied on traditional customer channels such

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3574 words - 14 pages CASO MARKS AND SPENCERI. POSIBLES PROBLEMASDirección de la compañía por parte de familiares.Elevados gastos en servicios innecesarios para el personal.Ausencia de estudios de mercado que respalden la expansión internacional.Elevada participación en las operaciones de los proveedores.Poca inversión en publicidad y promociones.Excesivo paternalismo hacia sus empleados.Dificultad para contar con proveedores

This is a five forces analysis for the "Cola Wars" Harvard Business School case.

746 words - 3 pages Untitled 5) The Cola Wars have been raging for many years, mainly between Pepsi and Coca-Cola. There have been, and are, minor players in the game, who are able to exist, but none of these have a share of the carbonated soft drink (CSD) market that comes close to equaling Pepsi or Coke. To evaluate the CSD industry, I will use Porter's Five Forces Model. First, one must look at the center of the model, which talks about the

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