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Business Services Marketing Role Play Deca Deca

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2004 DECA Ontario Provincials
Event 2
Event XX
An Association of Marketing Students®
Business Services Marketing Series
The event will be presented to you through your reading of these instructions, including the Performance Indicators and Event Situation. You will have up to 10 minutes to review this information to determine how you will handle the role-play situation and demonstrate the performance indicators of this event. During the preparation period, you may make notes to use during the role-play situation.
You will give an ID label to your adult assistant during the preparation time.
You will have up to 10 minutes to role-play your situation with a judge (you may have more than one judge).
You will be evaluated on how well you meet the performance indicators of this event.
Turn in all your notes and event materials when you have completed the role-play.
1. Explain the types of advertising media.
2. Explain components of advertisements.
3. Write promotional messages that appeal to targeted markets.
4. Create promotional signs.
5. Demonstrate appropriate creativity.
You are to assume the role of account representative for ABC Outdoor Advertising L.L.C., which specializes in outdoor business signs. You have been asked to design an outdoor billboard advertisement for your city’s new performing arts center and present it to your marketing director (judge).
You have been assigned to a potential client, the Barlington Performing Arts Center. This new performance complex will be opening in your metropolitan area in three months. While various manufacturing plants have been Barlington’s chief economic support historically, for the past 10 years the city has welcomed many new technology companies. The city’s demographics now reflect a higher percentage of young professionals with families. In response to citizens’ desires, a new performing arts center has been designed, and the grand opening is eagerly anticipated.
The Barlington Performing Arts Center is beside a trendy sports complex that opened last year. Both buildings are located in the historic section of the city where revitalization has been promoted for the past four years. The city has provided incentives for business owners to renovate the buildings across the street and for new business owners to open stores/restaurants. The area offers ample shopping and dining options. Shops in the area include a range from small boutiques to trendy consignment shops; eateries include Italian delicatessens and gourmet restaurants. The area is popular and is quickly becoming a destination of choice for many residents of the outer suburbs.
You are to design an outdoor billboard advertisement for the performing arts center. The sign will be 14 feet x 48 feet and will be located beside two main highways entering the city. Your marketing director (judge) has...

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