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Business Skill For E Commerce Essay

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Task 1.1 Assess the business functions of
Answer: is a business organization just like any other businesses; however the difference is that they trade with their customers using the internet as a medium of communication. A business functions are a set of activities divided into different segments or departments which must co-ordinate with each other in order for the business to function properly and generate revenues. Just like every businesses, should also ensure that their functions are working together in order for the business to survive in the market. Their business functions are quite similar to any businesses but the difference is ...view middle of the document...

For example, if a person goes to a shopping mall to buy a single shirt, the shopkeeper would show him many shirts even if he buys only one, this is because the buyer is given a wide variety of choices to pick from, and even if his intention was to buy only a single piece he might find something attractive and might buy more or come back again to buy some more or would even recommend that shop to his family or friends.
Similarly an online shop should organize in such a way so that the customers have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of variety.
There are some other functions of such as managing their finance, or delivering the products to their customer once an order has been confirmed. This type of business is where the customers do not need to come to the business; rather the business will come to their customers’ house. Another important function is to receive customers’ feedback.
The conclusion is that all the functions should work properly, if one function falls behind then the whole business would fall behind to, this is said because no matter how nice or attractive their website is, but if they do not have enough man power for delivering the goods to the customers then the business would not be able to generate any revenues. That is why all the functions are very important for the business.

Task 1.2 Evaluate business aims of and show how they relate to stakeholders.
Answer: The business aim of is to make their website popular in Bangladesh as well as throughout the world. Other aims include selling Bangladeshi products throughout the world and make a contribution to the development of the national economy.
This can be illustrated with the help of stakeholder analysis. Stakeholders are people who have any sort of direct or indirect interests in the business. The roles of these people are important in order to reach the organizational aims.
Profitability and customer satisfaction are the main things that will help the business with its aims or objectives, and these two things come from the roles played by the stakeholders.
Stakeholders of
• Owners/Managers: they must make all the decisions regarding how they will achieve their aims, developing and designing the business plan is also a part of their role, what mediums they should use to promote their website and the products should be decided by them, recruiting appropriate employees for the business is also one of their important roles. This is because they are the main stakeholders and the life of the business.
• Employees: the employees should focus on the jobs which are assigned to them, and should report directly to the upper management or the owner.
• Suppliers: they also play a vital role, because can only satisfy their customers if their suppliers are punctual about their supplies.
• Internet Users: the people who use the world wide web in the targeted...

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