Business Strategie Overview: Asda And Online Shopping

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Asda aims to provide customers with a Faster, Easier and Better way to shop online. The three teams within the online department are:
Operations Team: The duty of the operations team is to brand the complete experience of online shopping “simple, effective and financially lean”.
Web Merchandising Team: Are in charge of creating and maintaining the website for easier the customer to navigate around whilst increasing Asda profits.
The Web Content Team: Have the responsibility of making sure that all the information presented on their website is precise. Examples of information they have to analyse and make sure are product descriptions and product pictures; so they do not miss sell their ...view middle of the document...

Financial Services
The financial services department provides financial products/services that will help customers save more money and these are:
• Home Insurance
• Motor Insurance
• Pet Insurance
• Travel Insurance
• Income Protection
• Life Insurance
HR (Human Resources)
The HR department is a critical component within the organisation, which consists of 5 teams:
Asda House People Team:
Are responsible for developing and implementing their HR policy, working together with all business areas on new ways of working, colleague development and recruitment.
Colleague Relations & Engagement Team:
Uphold communication with colleagues by keeping them informed of new initiatives, listening to their feedback so they can improve colleague relations and training.
Reward Team
The Reward team ensure that employee pay and benefits are preserved at a good level to keep the well spirit of the work force. Employees are a vital part of the organisation and therefore Asda have been up in the ranks as retail employer of choice. They also look over the annual schemes and bonus awards.

In other words are the recruitment team which are...

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