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Business Strategy Essay

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LO 4.1. Plans to Implement the Strategy
Birnbaum (n.d) argues that managers are often too late in implementation of the strategies that they have. According to Birnbaum, managers should start the implementation of the strategies as soon as they start making them, in the process of making them and finally they should complete the process of implementing the strategy as they finish to plan. A plan for the implementation of the Sony Ericson strategies develops from this line of thought.
Pre-planning Implementation Steps
The groundwork for the implementation of the strategies must be laid before the actual strategies are identified. In order to affirm both to the public, customers, employees and stakeholders that it is possible to achieve the strategies to be put in place, it is important for the management of the Sony Ericson to demonstrate his commitment towards the management of the organization. Furthermore, the management must show a commitment in the planning process and finally have a free will to implement the strategies. This can not only be possible by the word of mouth but the management must act according to whatever they say (Birnbaum, n.d).
The next step for the managers would be to make a good selection depending on qualifications and good-will of individuals who can help in the planning process. This would also include the top managers of the organization, executive directors and the shareholders so that it would be laid-back for them to implement what they passed as individuals. Additionally, the administration of the Sony Ericson must have researched on the market so as to develop the best strategies in relation to the market demand. Involving the employees to input their ideas before planning is also the best if done at this stage of planning (Birnbaum, n.d).
While-planning Implementation Steps
During this stage in planning, the management has got an opportunity to influence the participation of all the planners into giving their views. According to Birnbaum, (n.d) making a lively discussion will motivate the dormant individuals into giving out their ideas. In addition, the management should implement ideas through bringing focus to the most important things at the start of the meeting towards the least at the end of the meeting. Also developing objectives that are relevant to the current system of reporting would be an important factor. In that case it would be easy implementing the plan without a hitch of formulating a new reporting system. The use of the organization strength in terms planning can be an added advantage that would lead to a quick implementation of goals and objective. Finally, the plan must be made in that it considers the current resources that the organization has so as to create ease in the implementation.
Post-planning Implementation Steps
Additional opportunities pop in after the planning of the strategies that open room for their implementation. The strategies should be communicated to the...

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