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Business Strategy Of Virgin Atlantic Airlines

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Business Strategy of Virgin Atlantic Airlines

1) Introduction to airline industry 2) Drivers of globalisation using yip’s model 2.1 Market globalisation 2.2 Cost globalisation 2.3 Globalisation of government policies 2.4 Globalisation of competition 3) Localisation- arguments against globalisation 4) Pestle Analysis 5) Porter’s 5 forces analysis and their application to Airline industry 5.1 Rivalry amongst Existing Firms 5.2 Threat of substitution 5.3 Threat of new entrants 5.4 Power of customers 5.5 Power of buyers 6) Opportunities and Threats of Airline industry 7) Internal analysis of Virgin Airlines: Strengths and Weakness 8) Financial Statics of Virgin Atlantic Airline 9) Strategic Changes of Virgin Atlantic Airline 10) Conclusion 11) Bibliography *1) INTRODUCTION TO *AIRLINE INDUSTRY 2) DRIVERS OF GLOBALISATION USING YIP’S MODEL {draw:frame} 2.1 Market Globalisation: 2.2 Cost globalisation: 2.3 Globalization of Government policies: 2.4 Globalisation of competition: 3) LOCLISATION- ARGUMENTS AGAINST GLOBALISATION Asia is the most regulated market and is dominated by national flag carriers. Domestic fares are strictly regulated but international fares are less so. The US, by contrast, has been deregulated since 1978 and it is a market-driven industry. Domestic traffic is almost completely deregulated (except for specific issues like safety), but international traffic is governed by constraining bilateral agreements 4) PESTLE ANALYSIS: POLITICAL FACTOR:,M1 ECONOMICAL FACTOR SOCIAL FACTOR TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS: Video Conferencing: As to the requirement of the business class, a lot of business people have to travel a lot around the world to attend the meetings and conferences to boost their business. They are the main backbone of the airline industry as the airline companies get heavy revenue from them as being the passenger of the business class. But as to the modern age of science and technology airline industry would have to suffer badly in the near future as these business people are now-a-days relying on the aspect of video conferencing as it had made their life much easier and convenient. Now they don’t have to travel so frequent from country to country as they are managing it straight away from their respective offices through the Video Conferencing. So in...

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