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Work and Business Business and the Government 1. The BAS, Business Activity Statement Works out the GST, The goods and services tax, that is collected from services and sales, minus the GST that is paid on inputs. The completed statement by each of the business will then be filed to the government. The tax difference is paid by cash, cheque, or even over the Internet each quarter to the taxation Department.Business also have the choice of doing the BAS calculations each quarter or paying a specified amount each quarter to the ATO, then the difference of the GST that is payable is made up at the end of the financial year. This is done through the payments from the business or the ATO, which enables the business, a refund on the contributions.All invoices or receipts must have an ABN for amounts over $50.00. These must be kept. Record keeping is both more extensive, and business must be extremely thorough. This affects the GST, as all of the records must be kept updated which takes enormous amounts of time.There are three steps and choices to fill out a BSA statement one being the calculation of the GST, two being precise payments and the last being at the end of the financial year.2. The additional costs that are connected with the Goods and services tax include the filling out of the BAS statement. The statement is filled in by either the owner or another person that is qualified which will cost them. This may be an accountant but not all the time can business afford this.To fill the statement in is not a lengthy process but the calculations of the figures may take up to many long hours.3. The...

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562 words - 2 pages *Partnership - A legal form of business organization in which two or more people - the partners - trade collectively.*Fixed Cost - Those costs, which, in the short run, do not vary with output.*Marketing - The business function that aims to link the business to the customer and aims to get the right product to the right place at the right time.*Market Segment - A part of the market for a product made up of consumers sharing common

THE RISE AND FALL OF THE eBay REICH Essay (2008) on eBay by Richard Bilderberg. Works cited, Appendix. No attachments. Media & Business Studies: E-commerce

10718 words - 43 pages ) - term for a user who has been suspended by eBay (7). However, this aspect does not really matter since eBay has now rolled out its random user suspension, in order to reach fixed quota goals.In addition eBay is a health hazard. Several clinical studies conducted by the Harvard Medical School have shown eBay is a medical danger; on this Becker states: I have had patients of different ages and gender suffering from psychological turmoil to

Business studies GCSE coursework 1 Types and styles of business's

707 words - 3 pages Payment'. Many high street name are Franchises: Benetton, Mc Donalds and Pizza Hut.AdvantagesA franchisee benefits from having an already well-established brand name, and bank's are more likely to lend money to franchisee's because of this. This position is much more reliable than being a sole trader.DisadvantagesA franchisee has very limited independence and is ruled by the franchisor. The business cannot be sold, and regular 'Royalty Payments

Business Studies: report on the garden city motor inn

1854 words - 7 pages Garden City Motor InnLocated in Mt. Gravatt south east end of Brisbane, the Garden City Motor Inn is a privately owned business. It is owned by an international company called Yung Ta Pty. Ltd. Taiwan. This company uses Australian based management to keep the business running efficiently. The building provides accommodation in which the management lives to provide around the clock service and security.Mission Statement:To offer Hospitality and a

Business studies coursework, unit 1, task 1- the business at work. Project on Boots plc

2042 words - 8 pages UNIT 1THE BUSINESS AT WORKTHEBOOTSCOMPANY1. BUSINESS CLASSIFICATION1. IntroductionThe Boots Company is a business found in the Private Sector of which it is a company. Businesses in the Private Sector are not owned by the Government, but by a private owner. Within the private sector, there are two main types of company, which are similar, but in many ways obviously different. Boots is a Public Limited Company (PLC), and not a Private Limited

Now and Then - Technological Changes in Business - Case Studies specific to Australia (incl. Fairfax, Chullora and ConstructOne)

1988 words - 8 pages In the beginning...(Introduction)Technology within business has changed dramatically over the past few decades and through time. Advanced technologies increase the output and work efficiency and thus encouraging businesses to implement technological changes in the workplace. Technology was obviously not up to the standard it is at today, and technology continues to change and businesses will in most likelihood keep up with it. The motives behind

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9992 words - 40 pages SYDNEY STUDIES Hamlet and Revenge Tragedy: A Reappraisal ALAN URQUHART Literary critics were not the first to speculate on the nature of Hamlet's problems and the reasons for his delayed revenge. Their various rewritings of Hamlet generally continue processes begun in the play itself. The reflections of Coleridge, for example, begin, and largely end, by concentrating on the Hamlet of the soliloquies, privileging one of his own pet theories as

European Studies

5554 words - 22 pages EUROPEAN STUDIES A Discuss the relative merits/demerits of an agricultural policy oriented to price reform rather than one based upon structural reorganisation "The common market shall extend to agriculture and trade in agricultural products. 'Agricultural products' means the products of the soil, of stock-farming and of fisheries and products of first-stage processing directly related to these products....The operation and development

Interdisciplinary Studies Reflection

1208 words - 5 pages What I have learned with this degree and how I will integrate my previous learning with my new found knowledge?If I had read the definition for Interdisciplinary studies according to Wikipedia before I began the IDS program at Marian, I would have not had the same understanding as I do when I read it today.Wikipedia defines Interdisciplinary studies as an education about choice. Interdisciplinary combines interests that allow students to make

caribbean studies notes

9523 words - 38 pages Caribbean Studies notesModule 1 Caribbean society and cultureLocation of the CaribbeanGreater Antilles: Cuba, Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic), Jamaica, Puerto RicoLesser Antilles:Windward islands: Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Guadeloupe, Dominica, MartiniqueLeeward islands: Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts-Nevis, Montserrat, Anguilla, Virgin islandsNetherland Antilles: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao (ABC"islands); Saint Marten,Saba, St


528 words - 2 pages Good study habits are behind almost all good students. Improving ones study habits will almost undoubtedly raise their test grades, quiz grades, and overall average in every class. Three study habits I feel that I need to improve on the most are concentration, memory, and time management.The study skill I need the most improvement is concentration. Distractions are everywhere-from the TV, radio, or even my little brother and sister. To completely

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1577 words - 6 pages ; Determine which method you will use to calculate a break-even for your business.  Calculate a break-even for your business. ACEnet Inc., 2003 Chapter 13 - Break-even Analysis 108 . Task 1: About Break-evens Read the information below about break-evens. You've already completed your income statement for your business. Another important component of your business financials is the "break-even analysis." In business, the break-even

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2780 words - 11 pages , then we can refer to it as 'organisational silence' (Morrison, 2000). Organisational silence has major negative consequences, especially for organizations' ability to change, something that has become a necessity for today's fragile business environment.In this essay, three case studies from the Greek business environment are presented. We examine the process under which organisational silence occurs and the consequences it unfolds in a big

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1460 words - 6 pages ; Government: influences of regulations and policies regarding marketing.Developing marketing strategiesMarket segmentation and product differentiation· Mass markets: large demand for undifferentiated products meat, petrol, vegetables and other commodities.· Concentrated markets: Single market segments selected from a wider market. Business is able to service needs of customers more precisely in terms of price, product specifications

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836 words - 3 pages a proper quality assurance test on a product, experimental design research must occasionally be applied to determine if there is a problem in the product and the source of the problem.True Experimental Design Research"Experiments are studies involving intervention by the researcher beyond that required for measurement" (Cooper & Schindler, 2002, p. 381). Essentially, this means that the researcher conducting the study manipulates one variable