Business System Analysis

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In order to develop and meet the major requirements of an organisation, managers should design an assessment form designed to evaluate employee’s performance regarding their level of understanding and the quality of their work. According to Bradford and Burke (2005) an annual performance appraisal is a management system that enables managers to set management objectives, processes and practices that ensure effective management, motivation and development of every member of the team. Performance appraisals build effective habits among members such as employees are able to clearly understand the organisational goals and identifying the best way forward to meeting these goals. Managers ensure that they evaluate the best process that will be able to improve the performance of their employees (Jones, 1997).
In this process managers should be capable of ensuring that the team members achieve their goals and objectives. Team members should also be improving constantly and developing in their skills to become in order to become a great asset to the organisation. Managers should ensure that the hindrances to improvement are addresses by having a personal conversation with team members and listening to every issue. The issues and concerns raised should be solved immediately and in the most effective manner in order to avoid major issues in the future. Managers should also be in a position of asking themselves whether their employees are achieving the desired expectations of the business and whether they have the potential to achieve these goals. Finally managers should be able to gauge how much the employees have improved since the previous appraisal or the value they have added to their development since the manager started supervising.

CATWOE Checklists
CATWOE analysis involves a Soft System tool used in preparing a root definition for solving problems within an organisation. This system helps in stimulating thinking in order to solve problems and finding solutions. This system can be applied to an organization as it involves studying how various elements within a system interact. CATWOE includes clients who are also customers for example in Buckie Cooperative Society the clients include people at the receiving end. In this case they include the society customers who are likely to suffer after the changes of systems or disagreements of the top management. This system of introducing a performance appraisal system will affect the both negatively and positively.
The other checklist is that of Actors. These include the company stakeholders who are responsible for the implementation of changes with in the organisation. In this case, the actors include the employees. The meetings involve reviewing the past performances, the achievements and the employee contribution to improving output of the firm. Learning points are identified as the goals for the next level are formulated. Managers should also be capable of noticing excellent work and have...

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