Business To Business Messages The Purpose Of This Paper Is To Select And Analyze Three Business To Business Messages Using The Communication Process

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Business-to-Business MessagesBusiness-to-Business MessagesExcellent communication skills are necessary for organizations to build enduring relationships with organizations in the corporate world. Exchanging accurate data and information between organizations creates a more cohesive working environment. Business employs a number of communication methods including e-mail, memos, letters, and proposals. Communications are delivered via, e-mail, interoffice mail, and postal services. The purpose of this paper is to select and analyze three business to business messages using the communication process write a business-to-business message that has ABC Company asking to create a working relationship with XYZ Company; and write an unfavorable reply message to ABC Company.Memo Concerning Policy

All Employees


Mr. Madd


May 1st, 20XX


Job Applicants

PLEASE STOP SENDING YOUR FRIENDS, RELATIVES, AND ANYBODY ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF TO THE PERSONNEL OFFICE TO ASK FOR ME.I am covered up-and these people walking in at all hours of the day, unannounced and unscheduled, are just slowing down the hiring process. I don't think you realize that some of these folks DEMAND to be seen just because you told them they would be. We have a process by which we do our hiring. AND part of that process is checking references before people are interviewed.If you have someone in mind for a job-JOT IT DOWN, and send it to me! When I get a chance, I will look for their application-BUT I will not consider anybody who argues with me about when I can see them (Roebuck, 2006).Communication AnalysisThe preceding is an interoffice memo designed to inform employees of human resources policies regarding applicants for employment (purpose). This memo serves to illustrate inappropriate format for composing memos. The environment appears to be a corporate setting. Mr. Madd is the sender of the message, who is, perhaps, the manager or director of human resources within the organization. Text within the body of the memo comprise the message the sender composed. Displayed within the message is ranting of an angry department manager and will probably not be read by a majority of employees. The tone of the memo is harsh displaying his emotion through the subject line composed of all capital letters. According to Roebuck (2006), "using only uppercase letters makes it appears as if you are shouting and will mark you as heavy-handed or rude" (p. 132). A more appropriate subject line would consist of upper and lower case text (media), specifically identifying the intent of the memo. Moreover, the message is more a narrative rather than instruction for complying with the human resources policy.Because the technology for the delivery of the memo is unknown, a safe assumption is that the delivery is through interoffice or electronic mail (e-mail). Noise, according to biz/ed (2010), "represents a barrier to...

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