Business To Business Marketing. Industry: Laser Printer Market

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Table of ContentsIntroduction 4Market Environment 5Market Segments 11Product Offering 14Organizational Strength & Weakness 15Product Positioning 17Adoption Cycle 18Product(s) Life Cycle 20Ansoff Product Matrix....................................20BCG Matrix................................................21Bowman's Strategy Clock.................................22Market Share......................................................23Sales Forecast....................................................23Marketing Mix 24Product 24Price 27Placement 28Promotions 29Advertising 29Event Marketing 31Public Relations 31On-line Marketing 32Monitoring and Evaluation 34Reference..................................................................36IntroductionThis marketing plan describes the general course of action and recommendations for the marketing effort of Color Laser Printer. It describes about the opportunities in the printer market environment such as market size, trend, technological, economic and market profitability. General market segment based on the public, non-public, government and end-user sector. Target segment that will be on hotel industry and product offering will be based on Xerox Phaser 7700 Color Laser Printer. It will also explain brand and product positioning, tactics strategies for Fuji Xerox technology Australia.Marketing objectives have 2 components:1) Goal- differentiate our product and service from our competitors.- Increase market share and sales- Ehance relationship with our existing and new customers- Increase marketing effort- Expand the number of distributors2) Benchmarking- cost reduction as a benchmark to increase Xerox annual revenueMarket EnvironmentMarket TrendsDuring November 2002, the laser printer market trend had shown a positive growth of 12%.Laser printer sales had posted a 6% volume growth and 16% increase in value. A positive year-on-year growth trend is evident in this segment.Market ProfitabilityThe intensity of competition among existing competitors- At least 12 existing competitors in the marketplace- Product offering and strategies offered by the competitors are different.- Numerous or equally balance competitors.- Competitor's commitments are high towards channel members and customers.- Competitor's have the economies of scales and cost advantages- Exit barriers are high due to specialize assets, as machines are costly to transfer to other application.The existence of potential competitors who will enter if profits are high- Low potential competitors due to high entry barriers such as economic of scale, brand awareness, product differentiation, capital requirement, R&D capability, distribution channels and patent and licensing rightsSubstitute products that will attract customers if prices become high- Substitute products: Inkjet printers, copier-printers, Internet digital facsimile, second-hand printers and dot-matrix printers.- Low switching costs unless establish relationships exist or more...

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